Andalusia Spain

Andalusia Spain, a well-known southern region of the country, boasts a temperate climate, breathtaking panoramic views, and a wealth of opportunities for sightseeing. There is a nearly endless supply of activities and things to do during an Andalusia vacation, whether you’re interested in spending a day at the beach, trekking through the mountains, or strolling through the ancient cities. Each city offers a unique look at the cultural and historical traits that have shaped this region and its people, making travel to Andalusia an excellent way to gain a bit of insight regarding the country's background and history. Whether you visit Andalucia Spain, as it’s also known, for the experiences or the attractions, you’re sure to leave with fond memories of an exceptional vacation.

Travel to Andalusia offers a setting for just about every vacation experience, and with mild temperatures to allow a comfortable climate in every season, visitors can take advantage of many outdoor opportunities for sightseeing and activities, no matter when they visit. From the beaches along the Costa del Sol and the Costa del Luz, where an Andalusia vacation consists mainly of basking in the sun and splashing in the waters of the Mediterranean, to the Sierra Nevada, the highest mountain range on the Iberian Peninsula, where adventurers can hike, ski, and go rock climbing, to the Alpujarra Hills, where horseback riding is at its finest, Andalusia Spain has something for everyone.

Each city of Andalusia, including Granada and Malaga, provides its own unique set of attractions. Granada, first established by the Celtic settlers in Iberia, played a major role in the history of Spain, and there are plenty of attractions dating back through the pages of history, including La Alhambra, a beautiful structure dating from the Moorish period. Visiting the birthplace of Picasso, Malaga, can be a truly enchanting experience at the Moorish castles and the Picasso Museum and childhood home. Ronda, set across a gorge in the province of Malaga, is one of the beautiful white-washed villages spread about the region of Andalusia. Seville, where visitors can find one of the most handsome castles in the country, is the largest and capital city of Andalusia Spain.

The flamenco culture is at its pinnacle in Seville; travelers can visit the Flamenco Dance Museum filled with a variety of displays and exhibitions, including dazzling shows that take place every Friday and Saturday. Other notable cities that are sure to enhance an Andalusia vacation include Algeciras, known as the gateway to Morocco; Cordoba, featuring a unique combination of cultures, showcased in La Mezquita, a mosque-cathedral; Tarifa, known as the mecca for windsurfers; and Marbella on the Costa del Sol, which became an international beach resort from the meager beginnings of a white washed fishing village.

Whether you join the multitude of visitors along the coast for a variety of water activities or sunbathing, or trek through the hills and mountains on foot or on horseback, or simply wish to visit the beautiful attractions and historical landmarks, travel to Andalusia provides a refreshingly diverse selection of things to do and see in the southern reaches of Spain. There are numerous hotels in the cities of Seville, Malaga, and Granada, and the area is easy to reach via the Spanish train system and the multiple airports in the area.



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