Barceloneta is the most popular and the most frequently visited beach in all of Barcelona. It is a favorite destination for many locals as well as many tourists because of its convenient proximity to downtown, and because of the many clubs and restaurants that line its boardwalk. Barceloneta (Spanish for “Little Beach”), started as a fortress when King Felipe V needed a place to house and punish dissidents who challenged his rule during the war of Spanish Succession. Over the years it has endured many changes, most notably after the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, when the town really began to undergo some heady renovations backed by the city. These renovations especially touched on the beachfront where, in the last ten years, many more businesses have been built.

Now Barceloneta Beach is a place where people go to enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and other water sports. It is also a very popular place for skaters who enjoy miles of beachfront boardwalk. Barceloneta Beach extends from the tip of Barceloneta at Port Vell (Old Port), beyond Vila Olimpica, making this the largest Barcelona beach. This can make for a really great time, but during the summer months the popularity of this beach can cause a little bit of congestion. Depending on what kind of vacation you’re going for, this may or may not be an issue. If you are traveling with a group of people and do not mind sharing the beach with others, this may be a perfect opportunity to meet some locals and have fun. However, if you are traveling with family, and possibly are looking for something a bit more tame, there are other beaches in Barcelona that will suit your needs. One thing is certain, if you are staying in Barcelona, this is the most conveniently located of all the beaches. It is a mere fifteen-minute walk from the city center, and ten minutes from the nearest Metro stop.

Once you have booked your flight and have begun to shape up your itinerary, you may want to explore hotels near Barceloneta. The Hotel Arts is a resort-style hotel that offers many fine amenities including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, bar and restaurant, laundry services, internet access, fitness center, and business services. The Hotel Arts can be a little pricey but is arguably the nicest hotel within walking distance of Barceloneta Beach.

For more reasonably priced hotels near Barceloneta, look into the Oasis Hotel or the Santa Marta Hotel. Each of these cozy destinations is nestled into the quaint streets of Barceloneta and both are within easy walking distance of Barceloneta Beach and some of Barcelona’s other beaches. One may be surprised by the amenities at each of these hotels, which include a bar and restaurant inside the hotel, and complimentary breakfast.

There are also options for cheap accommodations in Barceloneta. If you are not necessarily looking for hotels near Barceloneta, and are amenable to a hostel, this can be a great way to save most of your money for enjoying other aspects of your trip. There are many clean and safe hostels where students and young people congregate to socialize, and get some rest after a long day of exploring Barcelona and its beaches. The Urbany and the Centric Point Hostels are two such examples.

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