Barcelona Holidays

Barcelona holidays can be full of sun or fun, architecture or art. There are many reasons why Barcelona is a top choice among European cities for a getaway of any length. Whether you are looking for a place with great nightlife and culture to spend a weekend or you want to indulge in a week of getting to know one of Spain’s cities intimately, Barcelona is a thrilling choice. If you’re traveling on a budget, renting a holiday apartment in Barcelona might help to save you some money. There are great options in the historic section of the city, in close proximity to all the museums, churches, and top attractions.

There are many benefits to a Barcelona holiday rental. By choosing self-catering over a hotel, you will most likely be in a more residential area. Many visitors to Barcelona who choose a rental wind up exploring neighborhoods they might never have seen otherwise. Budget travelers will love the opportunity to prepare some of their own meals as well. Do some research on markets and quality grocery stores before you depart to take advantage of your own private kitchen. Extra living space is an added bonus, especially for families booking a holiday apartment in Barcelona.

If you’re really looking to stretch your budget, you might want to look for a Barcelona holiday package. These types of deals of combine accommodation, transfers, some meals, and activities. More strategies to keeping the cost down is to book these far in advance or at the last minute for the best possible deals. Another popular option for a Barcelona holiday package is a cruise package. There are cruises that stop in Barcelona for an afternoon, or cruises that depart Barcelona on a tour of the Mediterranean. Because cruises offer accommodation, food, and entertainment for one price, they are great value, especially if the exchange rate between the dollar and euro is making a trip to Europe from the US financially difficult.

Barcelona holidays will include a variety of activities. This exciting city is particularly known for its art and architecture, so be sure to check out a few museums and some of the famous buildings by Gaudi. Barcelona is also known for its churches, and the soaring La Seu Cathedral, also known as Santa Eulalia, is a must-see. One of Barcelona’s chief pleasures is its restaurants, so don’t be too busy sightseeing that you miss the chance to linger over just about any meal of the day. There are also many tours available to teach you a bit about the city, including bike tours, bus tours, or walking tours, many of which will be part of a Barcelona holiday package.

Most Barcelona holidays will begin at the Barcelona airport. From there, transportation into the city is easy and affordable. If you have a little extra change to spend, taking a taxi to your final destination will leave you with more time to start exploring the city. If you are renting a holiday apartment in Barcelona this may also help you find it easier. Get ready for some serious nightlife in Barcelona; this Spanish city has a reputation for great bars, live music, and clubs. If you think you’ve seen all of Spain, think again. This city in Catalonia has a whole new vibe compared to other areas of Spain.

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