La Sagrada Familia

To see a fantastic work in progress in Barcelona Spain, visit La Sagrada Familia, formally known as Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia. The landmark is one of the most popular attractions in Spain, though its construction has taken more than 100 years and is still underway today. La Sagrada Familia is constantly evolving into a more stunning masterpiece.

La Sagrada Familia is dedicated to the Holy Family. Construction on the temple began in 1881, and architect Antoni Gaudi dedicated several years of his life to making the Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia the “last great sanctuary of Christendom.” It is one of Gaudi’s most famous works in Barcelona. La Sagrada is filled with Christian symbolism, with detailed sculptures and majestic spires adorning the facility. Some of the original ideas of Gaudi have been modified with the passage of time. Wars and anarchists have delayed the temple’s construction. However, the builders committed to finishing this great work are determined to see it to the end.

The estimated completion date of the Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia is approximately 2026, which will mark the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death. That might seem like a long time, but Gaudi meant for La Sagrada to be quite unique. Many of the stones of the temple are shaped differently than the next, and must be sent off-site to be shaped accurately. Based on building techniques available in the early 1900s, it was once thought that construction would take several hundred years!

Free and guided tours of El Temple de la Sagrada Familia are available to visitors. However, a minimum of 20 people is required to attend the free tour. For a fee, smaller groups or individuals may take a guided tour with an expert team of guides to show you Gaudi’s masterpiece. Experience Gaudi’s vision by gazing at the interior of the structure, hear stories of La Sagrada, and take a look at the future construction plans.

Tour sessions are available in English and Spanish. El Temple de la Sagrada Familia is open in the morning and evening hours from May to October. From November to April, only morning tours are provided. Tickets may be purchased at the ticket office in El Temple de la Sagrada Familia. Tours last approximately 45 minutes for individuals, and no advance ticket purchases are necessary.

After completing the tour of La Sagrada, visit the museum inside the building, a fascinating look at the temple’s past and future. Visit Gaudi’s tomb and examine original drawings from early plans for the temple, furniture designed by Gaudi himself, and reconstruction models that provide a closer view of some of the temple’s more intricate details. From the museum, visitors will actually see the work of the temple in progress as stone masons shape some of the stones to be used on the building. The visit to both La Sagrada and the museum will be a unique and rewarding experience.

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