To experience history, culture, sporting and leisure activities all in one place, travel to outstanding Montjuic in Barcelona Spain. Overlooking the harbor in Barcelona, Montjuic is a hill with a nearly sheer face on one side, and the site of the imposing Castell de Montjuic fortress. Big things have happened at Montjuic, making it the spectacular attraction it is today.

Montjuic is “the mountain of museums” and even has several gorgeous gardens, so curious travelers won’t be at a loss for something to see here.

In 1929, Montjuic hosted the International Exposition, and began a large-scale construction process on the hill. The chief reminder of the Exposition is the Palau Nacional. A grand staircase (or escalators for those who don’t want to take the stairs) will lead visitors to the tremendous landmark. During a stop at Palau Nacional, visit the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya to see the world’s largest display of Catalan art and paintings.

There are some great stadiums in Spain, and the Estadi Olimpic on Montjuic is no exception. Another result of the construction effort that came from the International Exposition, Estadi Olimpic, or the Olympic Stadium Spain, is the site of exciting sporting events, concerts, and other musical performances. More than 300,000 people flock to stadiums in Spain weekly to take in a sporting event like football or basketball and be a part of a thrilling atmosphere. Several years ago, Estadi Olimpic was used as a paddock for racing teams participating in the Spanish Grand Prix. Now this amazing facility, a must-see stop for any sports enthusiast, serves as a practice ground for the Espanyol football team. The Olympics transformed Montjuic and Barcelona again in 1992. The Olympic Stadium Spain underwent a transformation and was remodeled to seat 65,000 people.

After visiting one of the exciting stadiums in Spain, consider a visit to the theater. The Greek Theater, also built for the Exposition, stages dance, theater, and concert performances for “Greak Season.” The Greek Theater sits on the site of an old rock quarry and has gardens for visitors’ enjoyment.

How to reach the top of Montjuic to see the Olympic Stadium Spain or the Palau Nacional depends on where an adventurous traveler starts at the bottom. The ambitious can walk to the top. For those who prefer another way, the best travel options are by taking a Montjuic cable care or a tram. If the weather is good, a spectacular view of Barcelona from a Montjuic cable car is available. Expect a ride on a Montjuic cable car be very full, but it shouldn’t limit what passengers can see. After reaching the top, enjoy a picnic lunch while gazing out to the sea, or stop by the Magic Fountain for a water and light show accompanied by classical music in the background. The show is free and lasts quite a long time!

Various hotels are available around Montjuic for those who just can’t pull themselves away and want to plan a second day"s visit. Enjoy!

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