The looming mountain of Tibidabo is visible from nearly the entire city of Barcelona. Reaching nearly 1700 feet high, Tibidabo Mountain Barcelona is the tallest peak of the Serra de Collserola. Besides being quite the sight from within Barcelona, this mountain is also a popular place for travelers to visit who are seeking sweeping views of the city and coastline. Another attraction on the mountain is the Tibidabo amusement park. Built in 1889, this amusement park has the feeling of stepping back in time. If you’re tired of visiting the cathedrals and museums of Barcelona, escape the bustle of the city for an adventure up Tibidabo.

Many visitors wonder where the name Tibidabo comes from. It is derived from Latin Bible verses where “Tibi dabo” is what Jesus says to the Devil. This translates as “I will give to you” and in the story they are looking down from an enormous mountain; thus Tibidabo Mountain Barcelona gets it unusual name. There are three main reasons anyone visits the mountain: the views, the amusement park, and Temple de Sagrat Cor, a Catholic Church designed by Enric Sagnier. This church is specifically known for the intricate details around its door.

The Tibidabo amusement park is a delight for families, couples, and groups. Over the years, the park has retained many of its original rides, many dating from the early twentieth century. If you’re traveling on a budget, you may want to take a peak at Tibidabo amusement park, but not buy a ticket. A single entry fee for one adult is 25 euros and a child’s ticket cost nine euros. There are some rides that are outside the gate for the park, and it is possible to purchase tickets for individual rides on these attractions. The top features here at the Tibidabo Sky Walk are the Ferris wheel and a plane ride. If you plan on paying the full fee, arrive early to make the most of your day ticket.

Getting to the rides at the top of Tibidabo Mountain Barcelona is half the fun of this amusement park. Transportation to reach the park has several steps. From Barcelona, visitors must take a train to the Tibidabo tram. Take the brown line from Placa Catalunya to Avenida Tibidabo to reach the tram. This tram was first built in 1901, and both kids and adults alike will love its historic charm. The tram brings visitors halfway up the mountain. To continue on to the amusement park, it is necessary to climb aboard the funicular. A ride on the funicular will reveal spectacular views of Barcelona and the chance to the visit the church at the very summit of the mountain.

This dependence on the funicular means that lines can grow to be very lengthy, especially around the time that the amusement park closes. If you don’t want to be caught in a seemingly never-ending line, arrive at the amusement park early and leave well before the closing time. Beating the crowds will also help you to enjoy the magnificent views during your funicular ride. Alternatively, the summit of the mountain can be reached by bus and by car. If you have great weather, Tibidabo Mountain Barcelona is one of the best places in the city to enjoy a family picnic.



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