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Bilbao Spain endured a significant renaissance in recent history. The transformation that has occurred is, to many, simply incredible, and an almost new city was born. At one time, there were not really any Bilbao Spain attractions justifying a trip into this northerly situated Spanish city. Newly appointed visionaries cast off Bilbao’s dire facade and began an exploration into a new design concept, which for all intensive purposes, would completely transform the city and define it as a dynamic urban metropolitos laced with attractive Bilbao hotels, a diverse range of dining options, and rejuvenated attractions that have made the city an impressive contender among Spain’s most popular cities. Now plenty of tourists exploring Spain’s north regions like celebrated La Rioja, make the trip to Bilbao, which today presents the opportunity to visit world-renowned attractions such as the Guggenheim.

Since Bilbao tourism began to flourish, plenty of effort has been made to clean up the once drab, industrial city that had little to offer in way of sightseeing. Situated in Basque Country, which offers plenty of appealing endeavors during vacations, Bilbao Spain has launched its reputation to new heights. Bilbao sits adjacent to the Ría Nervión and is tidily tucked into the verdant hills of Vizcaya, a northern Spanish province. Things to do in Bilbao span a number of interests.

Implementing designer Frank Gehry’s innovative Guggenheim Museum onto the scene has made Bilbao Spain shine like a beacon. Bilbao Spain attractions such as Zubizuri Bridge offer another high point for Bilbao tourism. Zubizuri Bridge was taken from initial concept through to fruition by well-known Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The suspension bridge intercepts the Ria Nervion which sits near the Guggenheim. The structure is made of brick and glass and has been one of the more prominent Bilbao Spain attractions since it was built in 1997.

The once completely industrialized area of Abandoibarra has enjoyed triumph due to the revitalization of Euskalduna Palace, one of Bilbao’s most beautiful landmark buildings. It too is a modern component of the city with history dating back only three decades, a small cry from centuries-old attractions such as the Alhambra in Granada, yet an imperative part of the Bilbao nonetheless. The magnetic trichotomy comprising these three famed Bilbao Spain attractions, the friendly locals who have thrown off the suffocating constraints of a city once filled with smoke stacks, and a great mix of tourist amenities nail down Bilbao’s spot as a popular destination on tours.

Apart from Bilbao’s landmark attractions, regional cuisine is definitely something to write home about. The Spanish nightlife scene in Bilbao is excellent too, with an ideal range of relaxed cafes and bars to clubs pulsing with music late into the night. The Sunday market features is a vibrant scene and an animated bazaar ensues throughout the day, with merchants from all over the region hawking their wares.

Distinct Basque culture is evident throughout Bilbao, and define’s the city, setting it apart from heavyweight tourist areas including Barcelona and Madrid. The interesting Old Quarter, on the eastern side of the Ria Nervion, is one of the best areas for shopping, dining, and sightseeing. Scenic landscapes, exclusive history, and a center point for contemporary art and architecture create a winning combination that easily justifies the consequential accession of Bilbao tourism.

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