Cadiz is a beautiful and historic city in southern Spain. It is a port city and also the official capital of the Cadiz Province. The Cadiz Province, along with eight others, comprise the autonomous community of Andalusia, which is constitutionally controlled by Spain. Cadiz is well known for its beaches, amazingly well-preserved historical landmarks, and for being a longstanding port of the Spanish Navy. Its is, however, best known for being one of the oldest cities in both Spain and Europe.

Tourists booking Cadiz travel are in for a pleasant surprise, as they find the fine hotels, culture, cuisine, and historical significance equally as compelling as the beautiful beaches and rocky embankments. No vacation to Cadiz is complete until you have taken time to explore the Old City of Cadiz, which is divided up into barrios similar to Santa Maria and La Vina. These old quarters of Cadiz hearken back to a time before the city was modernized, and the architecture of the buildings, homes, and churches reflect this Old World charm. The Old City of Cadiz is quite a contrast from the newer, more developed areas of this seventh biggest city in all of Spain, and provides a glimpse into nineteenth-century Spain. When planning things to do in Cadiz, definitely consider putting a stroll through the barrios of the Old City on your list.

Other attractions worth exploring on your vacation to Cadiz include the Plaza de San Juan and the Old Town Hall, the Monument to the Constitution of 1812 (located in the Plaza de Espana), the Fortress of Candelaria (a peek inside the naval history of the port town), and the Plaza San Antonio, a historical church and landmark originally built in 1669. These are just a couple of the high points for attractions to make sure to see in Cadiz. The history of Cadiz Spain is so rich and deep, that to truly gain an appreciation of the city, one must step back and take in the sights and feel of these longstanding buildings and cultural traditions that have weathered many years and many different ruling factions.

Most scholars believe Cadiz was founded around the year 1104 BC. It is also widely held to be the oldest, continuously inhabited city in all of Western Europe. The first inhabitants are thought to be the Phoenicians, though throughout the centuries, the Greeks, Carthaginians, Visigoths, Moors, and others laid their claim on this Spanish port city. While larger metropolitan areas such as Madrid and Barcelona are perhaps more popular tourist destinations that Cadiz, those people traveling here enjoy the double pleasure of grand beaches and natural beauty, combined with a real sense of history going all the way back some 3,000 years. Booking Cadiz travel is a great option for people who enjoy relaxation, mixed with history and culture.

And no vacation to Cadiz would be complete without relaxing on the fabled beaches. Since the Cadiz beaches are located on the Iberian Peninsula, there is no lack of awe-inspiring vistas. Perhaps the most famous of the Cadiz beaches is La Playa de la Caleta, which is considered to be the beach of the Old City. It is located between two castles, San Sebastian and Santa Catalina. It is so stunning that is was actually featured in the James Bond movie Die Another Day. The view from the stunning, white sand beach at La Caleta with the buildings of the Old City rising up in the distance provides a lovely sight for any traveler lucky enough to visit this Mediterranean paradise.

As you make your final plans and book your Cadiz travel, put La Playa de la Victoria on the to-do list. It is another one of the stunning beaches in Cadiz. This beach is a long, sandy stretch that is popular with families because of the marked paucity of rocks. There are gorgeous views of the Old City from La Playa de la Victoria, just one of the alluring destinations in southern Spain.

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