Canary Islands Flights

Canary Islands flights make it easy to visit the charming Spanish islands, whether you book a flight from your home airport, start on the Spanish mainland, or hop from island to island. These islands, known for their wonderful weather, lush landscapes, beautiful beaches, and sunny days are open to visit 365 days a year, so you don't have to worry about the lack of available flights in the off season.

Thanks to the usually perfect climate, harsh weather is rarely a worry or an impediment to travel. Canary Islands flights are just as likely to be on time during the middle of January as the end of summer. That means you can enjoy your vacation without worry about delays or getting stranded during a storm.

All seven of the main islands have modern airports that welcome flights from other islands and mainland cities. When booking flights to Tenerife or any of the other islands, you have many choices about where to begin. Many international airlines include the islands on their regular flight schedules, routing direct flights from New York, Boston, Toronto, and other North American cities. Flights also are available from cities such as London, Paris, Glasgow, Nice, and Hamburg, making it possible to include the Canaries in your plans for European holidays as a major destination or even a side trip.

Cheap flights from Exeter to Lanzarote allow you the chance to see Britain and these Spanish islands all in one vacation. The modern and well-equipped airport at Exeter, located in the southwest of England, is a hub to low-cost airlines. Many offer year-round service to the beautiful and charming island of Lanzarote, as well as Gran Carina and Tenerife. When looking for cheap flights from Exeter to Lanzarote or one of the other islands, you'll have a choice of many airlines with more opportunities to find sales and special fares.

The Exeter airport serves as a hub for vacations to some of the world's best beaches. In addition to the cheap flights from Exeter to Lanzarote, the airport offers service to Corfu, Rhodes, and other Greek Islands. In the summer, regular service is also available to Malta, Spain's Costa del Sol, and Majorca, along with the Canary Islands flights. Wintertime flights include the warm and sunny Canary Islands and popular ski destinations.

When looking for cheap flights to the Canary Islands, another good bet is a flight from cities throughout Spain. Low-cost airlines run regular flights from Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville. Often flights to Tenerife or any of the other islands don't cost more than a nice dinner out and don't take much longer either. Gran Canaria flights also are readily available and are a cost-effective choice for getting to the Canaries.

Because of the proximity to the African mainland—less than 60 miles at some points—short flights are readily available from airports around Morocco. Flights to Tenerife from Marrakech depart several times a day and don't cost a fortune.

While air travel is the primary way most vacationers arrive on the Canary Islands, ferry travel is another option. A car ferry departs from Cadiz, on the Spanish mainland. Inter-island routes allow you the chance to see more than just the island where your hotel is located, and marinas are readily available for boat owners who want to make their own way.

However you decide to arrive, make sure you bring the proper paperwork. Citizens of the European Union and Switzerland can use their national identity card, while UK nationals, Americans, and citizens of other countries should bring along valid passports.



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