Canary Island Holidays

Canary Island holidays are filled with variety, enchanting all kind of travelers. This Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean is known for its sunny, mild weather, easy access from cities around the world, its charming cities, nature preserves, and diverse landscape. No matter what you'd like include in your plans, you'll find a friendly destination with spectacular views.

Whenever your Canary Island vacations are scheduled, you'll need to plan the transportation. All of the islands have modern airports that welcome frequent flights from the Spanish mainland, Morocco, and cities across Europe and North America. And with the abundance of budget Canary Island flights, you don't have to break the bank to get here. Ferry service and cruises are other options. Once you arrive, you could rent a car for your Canary Island holidays, hire a car service, or use the readily available public transportation system.

Many of the local hotels include island transportation in Canary Island vacation packages, offering shuttles to and from the airports, shopping, and things to do. Of course if you choose to stay at one of the resorts, you'll have so much to do at one place, you won't have to worry much about spending a lot of your time getting to the action. Many of the Canary Island hotels are equipped with everything visitors need for a vacation, including cozy guestrooms, restaurants, spas, shopping, swimming pools, and a full slate of activities.

Of course with so many things to do, you'll likely want to venture outside the hotel on your Canary Island vacations. And when you do, you will have the chance to explore thriving cities, charming villages, and some amazing outdoor landscapes. When embarking on Tenerife holidays, vacationers can spend time in Santa Cruz, enjoying the first-class shopping and thriving cultural scene, including museums, public squares, sculpture gardens, and the Tenerife Auditorium, a shining example of modern architecture. You'll find that many hotels in Tenerife are located in Santa Cruz. If you'd rather have a view of the ocean on your Canary Island vacations, you could make reservations at one of the beachfront hotels.

No matter where you plan to stay, it won't be difficult to add excursions to your Tenerife holidays. The largest of the Canary Islands is home to a diverse landscape that's worth exploring. In fact, more than 40 percent of the available land is set aside as nature preserves. Teide National Park, is one of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the island. The Colonial village of San Cristobal de La Laguna is the other. The national park is a fascinating place to explore. Brave souls can climb to top of Mount Teide, the tallest peak in all of Spain, and a cable car zips right to the top. Even if you just spend one small portion of your Tenerife holidays at one of the nature preserves, you'll be rewarded with amazing views and experiences unparalleled at home.

As Tenerife demonstrates, there are a lot of interesting places to explore on Canary Island holidays. As expected on island getaways, you'll have ample opportunities to hit the beach and soak in the sun. Many surfers, anglers, and beach bunnies make plans for Gran Canaria holidays, spending time enjoying time at the ocean. With an abundance of resorts, beachside hotels, charters, guided excursions, and more, it won't be difficult to find an ideal island vacation, perfectly suited to your interests.

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