Calleja de las Flores

Calleja de las Flores, or the Little Street of Flowers, is a street that no Cordoba visitor will want to miss, making it one of the top attractions in this Spanish city. More of an alleyway than a street actually, it is known for its charming appeal, which is largely bolstered by many lovely homes. Ornate wrought-iron balconies adorn the homes, and these balconies in turn are adorned by potted flowers. More flowers are found in window boxes, and adding to the blissful atmosphere of it all are beautiful courtyards.

It's little wonder that so many Cordoba tours include a stroll down the Street of Flowers. This lovely little alleyway is simply a joy to take in. The numerous flower pots and flower boxes are reason enough to walk down the strip, and visitors will quickly notice just how much pride the locals have in their courtyards. The courtyards along the Calleja de las Flores are perhaps at their very best during the annual Festival de los Patios, which is held in the month of May.

The Street of the Flowers Cordoba is located just off the city's more ample avenues of Calle Victor Bosco and Calle Blanco Belmonte. The district is the famous Juderia, or Jewish Quarter, and from various vantage points, the Mezquita dominates the skyline. This part of town in general is not to be missed by tourists because of its all around appeal, and any and all Cordoba visitors may wish to consider the hotels in the immediate area. These hotels include the Hotel de las Casas de la Juderia and the Hotel Conquistador Cordoba, just to name a couple good bets.

Due to the location of Calleja de las Flores, it is easy to include on a multi-stop tourism itinerary. The nearby Mezquita warrants a visit while in the area, and no visit would be complete without taking in the city's renowned Roman bridge. Another area attraction worth highlighting is the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, and a number of shops and restaurants provide good places to go when a break or change of pace is in order.

As a side note, the Calleja de las Flores ends in a small plaza that can make an excellent spot to sightsee and snap some photographs. From this plaza, the main tower of the Mezquita serves as the backdrop for the Street of Flowers, and it's quite a sight to behold.

Also worth noting is that there are some good Cordoba hostals that are found near the Calleja de las Flores. As such, the budget traveler should have little trouble finding an area base that is easy on the wallet. One of these hostals is the Hostal Alcazar. The rates are especially low when it comes to the Hostal Alcazar guestrooms that are without a TV and that share an outside bathroom. This is very much the case at many hostals in Spain and Europe for that matter. Travelers who prefer can often choose from more complete rooms with baths, TV, and air conditioning at European hostals, and such is the case at the Hostal Alcazar.

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