Cruces de Mayo

The Cruces de Mayo Festival in Cordoba figures among the very best Cruces de Mayo festivals that are held throughout the Spanish region of Andalucia. These festivals, which are known as Crosses of May festivals in English, see large crosses being displayed in main plazas around town. These crosses are either made of flowers or adorned with them, and contests are held to see who can create the most beautiful examples.

When trying to figure out when to go to Cordoba, those who enjoy festivals and fun events in general might focus on the month of May. This is when some of the city's best events take place, and they include the Cruces de Mayo Festival. Held over the course of a few days in the earlier part of the month, this colorful affair is basically a folk festival that sees residents and visitors alike enjoying plenty of song and dance on the side. Originally, the festival was rooted entirely in religion, as is evidenced by the crosses themselves.

The Spanish people celebrate all kinds of events throughout Spain, and as is true of the Cruces de Mayo celebrations in the south, many celebrations involve drinking, eating, and dancing. Temporary bars are set up in many local plazas during the Crosses of May Festival Cordoba, and locals like to indulge in a few drinks and some tapas, most often before they break out their flamenco singing and dancing skills. It can make for quite an atmosphere, and you might be interested to know that much of the profits that are generated by the temporary bars go to finance other celebrations, such as the Feria de Cordoba and the Cordoba Semana Santa.

The Cordoba neighborhoods that throw the best Cruces de Mayo parties include Santa Marina, San Basilio, and San Augustin, and since there are around 80 different crosses on display around the city, making the rounds is a fine way to go. There's merriment to be had around almost every corner, and it only gets better when you consider the lovely May weather and all the great attractions that there are to visit on the side.

The city of Granada is also known for putting on an especially impressive Cruces de Mayo Festival, so visitors to the Andalucia region might keep this in mind when planning any side trips. The first weekend of May is generally when the celebrations are at their best, and since hotel rooms can go fast in both Cordoba and Granada, booking in advance is recommended.

In regards to other big time events that take place in Cordoba during the month of May, they include the Festival de los Patios, which sees residents showing off their beautiful patios, and the end of the month extravaganza that is the Cordoba Feria. Both offer plenty of their own fanfare, so they can also be worth planning a visit around.

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