Cordoba Festivals

The Cordoba festivals can be rooted in religious tradition or have nothing to do with religion at all. Either way, they are quite colorful affairs that manage to attract thousands to this historically rich city. As such, anyone planning on partaking in one is advised to book their hotels in advance.

May is widely considered to be the best time to visit Cordoba. This month offers great weather for starters, and it is also when most of the big time festivals take place. One of these festivals is the Cruces de Mayo Festival, or Crosses of May Festival. Held over the course of a few days at the start of the month, the Cruces de Mayo Festival in Cordoba sees the city erecting floral crosses all over town. Various religious associations and neighborhood groups compete to see who can create the most attractive cross, and the general atmosphere around town is one of merriment. Evening is when the real partying gets under way.

One of the other top Cordoba Spain events that is held in May is the Festival de los Patios, or the Patios Festival. During this fun event, Cordobans open up their iconic courtyards to the public, allowing any and all to enjoy the beauty that these courtyards are known for. It's a wonderful chance for outsiders to get in touch with the true Cordoba culture and to connect with the local people. The second week of May is when the Cordoba Festival de los Patios takes place.

Rounding out the list of renowned Cordoba festivals that are held in May is the Cordoba Feria. Known as the Cordoba Fair in English, this celebration at the end of the month is much like a fair that you would expect to come across in another country, in that it features carnival-style rides, games, and food stands. This is not to say that the Cordoba Fair doesn't have a more unique Spanish side to it, however. Similar to the Seville Fair in many ways, it sees locals and visitors alike dancing Flamenco, sipping on sherry, and partaking in processions that involve wearing traditional costumes.

In many Spanish towns and cities, the week leading up to Easter is a time of great reverence and celebration, as is the case in Cordoba. During this week, called Semana Santa, religious processions take place in the streets, and once again, traditional costumes are donned by many. The processions revolve around floats that are topped with statues of Jesus and/or Mary. These floats are carried by specific association members and are quite heavy on average. Flamenco chants, the smell of incense, and any other number of things fill the air.

These are the main Cordoba Spain events, but they certainly aren't the only ones that prospective visitors will want to keep in mind. There's the Cordoba Guitar Festival, for example, and much like the rest of the world, Cordoba unwinds during the Carnival season. The Guitar Festival takes place in July and includes plenty of live music performances.

Whether you agree with it or not, bullfighting events are held at Cordoba's spacious bullring throughout most of the year. For those who prefer spectator events of a less shocking nature, Cordoba, much like most European towns or cities, has its own football (soccer) team. Known as Cordoba FC, this team hasn't spent a ton of time in Spain's top division since it was founded in 1954. That being said, it can still be blast to attend a home game at the Estadio Nuevo Arcangel.



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