Festival de los Patios

The Festival de los Patios is one of the top annual events in Cordoba. Held during the second week of May, this popular festival highlights the many lovely patios and courtyards that are located throughout the city. The courtyards especially, many of which are found in the historic and romantic Juderia district, are especially enticing, and many are open to the public to roam around in during the festival.

Cordoba patios and courtyards are most often decked out in flowers, and regardless of their size, they are popular places for locals to spend their time. Many Cordoba residents invite guests over just to sit in their patio or courtyard, and food and drink is usually provided. On most days, tourists aren't able to access the majority of the city's courtyards and patios, but this all changes during the Festival de los Patios. Many locals invite perfect strangers to take a look around, and if you're lucky, you just might get invited to a drink and something delicious to eat.

While exploring the various patios and courtyards that are open to the public during the Festival de los Patios in Cordoba, you are likely to come across many beautiful fountains. Thanks to the abundant floral displays, the smell of fragrant flowers is also something that are likely to notice on more than one occasion, and there will certainly be plenty of wonderful photo opportunities. For the locals, entering their patio or courtyard in the city-wide contest to see which is most beautiful is among the main pleasures.

As a side note, maps that highlight the patios that are on display during the Festival de los Patios are available at Cordoba Tourist Info Offices. You can find these offices at the main train station, the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, the famed Posada del Potro, and the Plaza de las Tendillas.

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