Cordoba Flights

Cordoba flights in the technical sense aren't exactly easy to come by, as the Cordoba Airport doesn't handle commercial flights. That being said, there are a number of airports near Cordoba that receive commercial flights, and thanks to Spain's wonderful transportation network, getting to Cordoba from anywhere else in the country is straightfoward.

The airports near Cordoba that handle commercial flights include those in Malaga and Seville. These are the two busiest airports in all of Andalucia. There is also the Granada Airport, though it doesn't handle international flights, so a connection must be made elsewhere. A high-speed train connects Seville to Cordoba, and the trip only takes around 25 minutes, which is quite impressive. As for those who are flying into Malaga, there is no high-speed train to Cordoba as of yet, though the more standard train only takes a couple of hours to make the commute. Along the way, passengers pass through the beautiful El Chorro gorge, and the scenery in general is very appealing.

Anyone who is interested in Cordoba flights can also think about flying to Madrid and then taking the train. A high-speed train connects the two cities, and the trip only takes about an hour and a half. It could hardly be any easier when it comes down to it, and if you budget your time correctly, you can enjoy the sights in both cities.

Residents of Great Britain are known to escape to Spain regularly, and they will be happy to know that flights from the UK to the Cordoba area are in good supply. A few British-based airlines offer year-round flights from London to Malaga, for example, and the trip only takes but a couple of hours at most. There are also seasonal flights from the UK to Malaga, with cities such as Edinburgh and Manchester figuring among the main departure points. Flights between the UK and Seville most often originate out of London only. For US travelers, flying into London on a major airline and then taking a smaller European airline into Spain can also be a great way to save money.

A bunch of European airlines offer connections between the Cordoba area airports and any number of airports around the continent, thus increasing traveler options. For those who are coming from North America, on the other hand, arriving in Madrid first is likely to be part of the plan. From there, it is possible to take a connecting flight to one of the airports near Cordoba, or you can rely on rental cars, buses, and/or trains.

Flights to Spain in general can be expensive, though there are some tricks to try if you want to save some money. Booking your flight well in advance is one of the best money-saving techniques, as the prices usually go up as the flight date approaches. Also worth considering are vacation package deals, which bundle things together and most often include savings of some kind. Perhaps you'll find a package deal that includes a flight, a car rental, and a room at one of the Cordoba hotels. That leaves little more to worry about than having a great time.

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