Hornachuelos can be a terrific place to visit while when traveling through Spain's Andalucia region. This is especially true for anyone who is hoping to enjoy a slice of small town life for a while, not to mention a healthy dose of the great outdoors. Situated in the natural park that is the Parque Natural Sierra de Hornachuelos, this town in the Cordoba Province is surrounded by natural beauty, and it doesn't take long to get to some good hiking or biking trails.

Hornachuelos Spain is less than 50 miles west of Cordoba and is known for its tranquil atmosphere that is much more laid-back than Spain's larger cities like Madrid. Therein lies the appeal for many. In and around town, the essence of the natural world prevails. This isn't the only reason to visit, however. In the town itself, a old Moorish fortress figures among numerous whitewashed houses, and historic churches only add extra depth to the overall attractions. Suffice it to say that in-town walking tours can be very rewarding, as is true in virtually any Spanish city or town.

While a visit to Hornachuelos can be ideal at any time of year, some visitors take the town's events calendar into consideration when planning their visits. Much like Seville and numerous other cities around southern Spain, this town organizes religious processions during the week leading up to Easter, or Holy Week, as it is also known. These processions see members of various associations carrying floats of sorts, and atop most of these floats are statues of Jesus or Mary.

Other annual events that are commonly celebrated throughout the southern region are the Cruces de Mayo festival and Dia de Andalucia. The Cruces de Mayo festival is held in May and sees in-town associations displaying colorful crosses in their home districts. There is a competition to see which cross is the best. As for Dia de Andalucia, or Andalucia Day, it takes place on February 28 and is basically a day to honor the region. In Hornachuelos, residents decorate their streets with things like floral displays, and there is a general sense of merriment, not to mention a lot of food and drink to go around.

Regardless of your likes or interests, Hornachuelos can be a fun place to spend some time. If nothing else, the town can be a great spot to relax for a bit before moving on to a larger city or town, though you might be tempted to spend more than just a day there. It is always possible to stay at one of the Hornachuelos hotels and enjoy side trips to the larger cities that can be found in the region, such as Cordoba and Granada.

The Municipal Office of Tourism in Hornachuelos can help visitors plan things like side trips or adventures in the Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park. It can also come in handy when trying to find a place to stay or a local restaurant recommendation. This office is situated at C/Ctra. De San Calixto s/n.

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