Cordoba Plazas

The Cordoba plazas are many, and as is true of most plazas that are found in Spain, they serve as major gathering and meeting places for both residents and visitors alike. Many boast lovely fountains and places to go shopping, and depending on which one you visit, there might be other interesting attractions to take in around the perimeter.

One of the most renowned plazas in Cordoba is the Plaza del Potro. Found less than a half mile east of the Mezquita and near the banks of the Guadalquivir River, this plaza features an interesting fountain that dates back to 1577, but it just might be the Posada del Potro that is the main landmark. This historic inn has been around for a long time, as is evidenced by the fact that Miguel de Cervantes mentions it in his famous novel, Don Quixote. Other highlights when it comes to the Plaza del Potro are the museums, which include a fine arts museum and an institution that honors the life and works of Spanish painter Julio Romero de Torres.

There are a number of other Cordoba plazas that can make great additions to the itinerary. Among them is the Plaza de la Corredera. Found just a few blocks north of the Plaza del Potro, this plaza is known for its magnificent dimensions and its overall design. It is the only large, rectangular square of its kind in the Spanish region of Andalucia. In fact, you might think that you are in Madrid when you step inside its realms. The first bullfights in Cordoba were held in the Plaza de la Corredera, and today visitors can indulge in its cafes and restaurants while they take in the grandeur of it all.

Another Cordoba plaza that visitors might not want to miss is the Plaza de los Capuchinos, which is also known as the Plaza del Cristo de los Faroles. At the heart of this small square is a beautiful statue of Christ that was fashioned by sculptor Juan Navarro Leon in 1794. Surrounding the statue are eight attractive streetlights that were added in 1984, and they serve to illuminate the scene at night.

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Cordoba Plazas


The Cordoba plazas are many, and as is true of most plazas that are found in ...

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