Puerta de Almodovar

The Puerta de Almodovar serves as one of the main gateways to Cordoba's renowned Juderia district. This district is one of the best-preserved medieval ghettos in all of Europe and is known for its narrow streets, rich history, lovely homes, and jewelry shops. As such, it is a part of town that most tourists don't want to miss. In fact, it is the city's most popular tourist district, which is bolstered by the great attractions that are found in the general area.

The Puerta de Almodovar gateway is an arched gateway that exhibits a sort of castle-like design. Originally of Moorish implement, it figured as part of a wall that helped to protect the Old Town. What visitors see today was mostly constructed in the fourteenth century. In the nineteenth century, some extra touches were added, perhaps to keep things sturdy. It's almost like passing into another world when you walk through this gateway arch in Cordoba. On the inside awaits a district that, much like the arch and outer walls, seems like it is largely stuck in history.

In the 1900s, the gardens on the outside part of the Puerta de Almodovar were given some attention, and a statue of the famous Cordoba philosopher Seneca was installed. This statue can still be admired today. The street that runs along much of the wall, Calle Cairuan, was remodeled as well in relatively recent times, and it boasts a statue of another renowned Cordoba philosopher. This philosopher, who was also a mathematician and a doctor, was named Averroes.

After admiring the Puerta de Almodovar arch and the exterior gardens and statues, the urge to enter the Juderia is likely to prove tempting. For those who are short on time, the Calleja de las Flores, or Little Street of Flowers, is something to focus on. For those with more time on their hands, other area attractions such as the Mezquita and the Puente Romano (Roman Bridge) aren't far away and deserve a look. There is certainly a lot to see in do in the area, and the Puerta de Almodovar arch can definitely make an excellent place to start a Cordoba walking tour.

Image: Evelien De Bruyne (flickr)
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