Semana Santa

Semana Santa is a religious event that takes place every year in Cordoba and other cities around Spain. Cordoba's celebrations are much like those that you might expect elsewhere and revolve predominantly around processions. These processions see various associations carrying floats that are mainly adorned with statues of Jesus and Mary. It isn't easy work, as the floats are quite heavy on average. There are around 35 of these associations in Cordoba, and some have been around for centuries.

Semana Santa, or Holy Week as it is known in English, takes place throughout Spain during the week before Easter. During the festival, cities such as Cordoba and Seville see numerous processions marching through the streets. These processions often aim to recreate different scenes that relate to the immense suffering that Jesus endured before being crucified on the cross. One of the main processions in Cordoba, for example, represents how Jesus was brought into Jerusalem on a donkey. This procession is known as La Borriquita, and it traditionally takes place on Palm Sunday. Regardless of the procession, it is common for some members to wear costumes. It is also common for some of them to burn candles, and interestingly enough, the wax from these candles is commonly collected by procession watchers who fashion it into souvenir balls.

While the Semana Santa processions that make their ways through the Cordoba streets can be quite somber, others are more joyous and can be followed by revelers evoking flamenco chants and things the like. The burning of incense is very popular regardless of the mood of the procession, and as such, it permeates the air throughout town. Also permeating the air during Semana Santa in Cordoba is a general feeling of merriment, as this is a festival after all. A healthy amount of drinking and eating accompanies the processions, and everywhere that you go it seems that some kind of party is going on, especially once the sun goes down.

Those who wish to enjoy the Semana Santa festivities in Cordoba are advised to book their hotel or vacation rental in advance. This is one of the top events of the year, and as such, it attracts thousands. The same can be said about other top rate annual events, such as the Cordoba Feria and the Festival de los Patios.

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