Cordoba Trains

Cordoba trains offer convenient and reliable connections between the city and any other number of destinations throughout Spain. As such, many travelers rely on them when it comes to their transportation needs. In fact, taking a train is the most popular way to get to Cordoba in the end, as the city's airport doesn't handle commercial traffic.

Cordoba is a major rail junction not only for the southern Andalucia region, but for Spain in general. High-speed trains that travel between Madrid and Seville stop in Cordoba, and this makes for very fast transfers. Those who take the high-speed train from Seville to Cordoba only lose about 25 minutes in transit. The train from Madrid to Cordoba, while longer due to the greater amount of distance, still only takes about an hour and a half. This makes side trips to Seville especially attractive, and you could always travel up to Madrid and back in a day's time if you wanted to. Slower trains that are more budget-friendly also travel between Cordoba, Madrid, and Seville, so they are an option as well.

It isn't necessary to start in Seville or Madrid when looking to take a train to Cordoba. There are around ten trains a day that travel between Cordoba and the Costa del Sol capital of Malaga, for example. Since they aren't fast trains, the trip takes around two and half hours on average, which still isn't very long in the scheme of things. Malaga, it should be mentioned, is home to the busiest international airport in the southern Andalucia region, while Seville claims the second busiest. Madrid's airport, as you might imagine, is the busiest in the entire country. As a result of their capabilities, all of these airports are worth taking into account when searching for Cordoba flights.

The main train station in Cordoba is found on the city's northern side just off the Avenida de America at the Glorieta de las Tres Culturas. The address is Avenida de America 13, to be more exact. This puts it in close proximity to all of the city's great attractions, not to mention a variety of hotels and apartment rentals. That being said, the walk from the station down to the Mezquita takes about 30 minutes, so a bus or taxi might be the next option in terms of getting to that general area. Lockers are available for rent at the Cordoba train station, as is true at most major train stations in Europe, so it isn't necessary to lug all your stuff around if you aren't planning on staying overnight somewhere.

In addition to relying on trains, those who are trying to get to Cordoba can also take a bus or drive themselves. Buses can generally be used to get where trains go, not to mention destinations that aren't along a rail line, and while they are relatively slow, the price is hard to beat. As for driving, Spain is a relatively easy country to navigate when it comes down to it, and rental cars are widely available for those who are without their own private vehicles. Either way, getting around shouldn't be difficult, especially when you also consider the taxis and the metro lines that are found in the larger cities. Once in Cordoba, the main tourist area is best traveled by way of foot.

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