Cordoba Tourism

Cordoba tourism offers something for every season, so while it might seem like a cliche, there really isn't a bad time to visit. That being said, the different seasons can bring their own unique options in terms of things to do, which often has to do with weather, so there are some things to consider when trying to decide when to go. During the winter, for example, it is possible to make a side trip to the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort and do some skiing or snowboarding. This resort, which stays open throughout most of the spring as well, is about a 45-minute car or bus ride from nearby Granada.

Cordoba travel plans usually involve some general sightseeing around town. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city's historic core, or Juderia, is especially ideal for walking tours, with both spring and fall offering the best weather for such pursuits. While the Cordoba weather is good on the whole, summers do get very hot, thus making walking tours more exhausting, and it can get relatively chilly during the winter months. There are ways to beat the heat and the cold if the conditions present themselves as such. A tinto de verano, which is basically lemonade mixed with red wine and ice, can help cool a visitor down in the summer, and a good sweater can usually take care of the chills.

When making Cordoba travel plans, the weather isn't the only thing that is worth taking into account. There's also the Cordoba events calendar. May reigns supreme on the Cordoba festival front, as it is when such events as the May Crosses Festival, the Festival of the Patios, and the Cordoba Feria take place. As for other festive times, much of July sees various events that relate to the Cordoba Guitar Festival taking place around the city. The holiday season can also be a delightful time to visit, as there's just something about seeing a city this historic decked out in Christmas decorations.

The shopping is always good in Cordoba, so shopping enthusiasts won't want for options whenever they choose to visit. Jewelry and leather goods are among the most renowned things that can be purchased around town, and the city's smaller shops are complemented by larger outlets and department stores. Also good throughout the year are the Cordoba dining options, with fresh seafood being on the menu at many a local eatery.

The rates at the Cordoba hotels fluctuate according to season, as do the city's tourist numbers, so these are things that travelers might consider when planning a trip. Mid-March through to the end of May is one of the peak periods, as are mid-August to early November and late December to early January. These periods see the highest rates for both hotels and vacation rentals, and May especially is when the rates and the city's tourist numbers are up. Finding a hotel room or vacation rental that is available is relatively easy at any time of year, though booking in advance can be an especially good idea during the peak Cordoba travel periods.

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