Zuheros is the name of a small Spanish town that can be found in the beautiful Cordoba Mountains. Relatively close by is the provincial capital of Cordoba, and found even closer to town is Murcielagos Cave. This cave is of great interest due to its history, and visitors are treated to some spectacular views of the area from the site of its entrance. Of course, Cordoba has plenty of historical appeal as well and deserves a look while in the region.

Zuheros Spain is one of the most appealing "white village" towns that can be found in the Andalucia region. This appeal has a lot to do with the overall setting. Zuheros is surrounded by a natural park, and this basically translates to spectacular mountain scenery. The village features many narrow streets, as is true of Cordoba's historic Juderia district, and this reflects the Moorish history of Spain. Walking tours in town can be just as rewarding as hikes on the area trails, and both cycling and mountain biking are other popular pursuits. The Zuhero hotels can help guests arrange bicycle rentals, as well as provide them with info on area tours.

One of the most popular tours that Zuheros Spain visitors take are tours of Murcielagos Cave. This cave on the edges of the Sierras Subbeticas Natural Park is part of a system of caves that is among the largest in the country, and scholars believe that it was inhabited as far back as the Neolithic period. Inside are some interesting cave drawings that are not entirely unlike those that can be found in Spain's more famous Altamira Caves. That's not all that visitors can check out inside Murcielagos Cave. It also features some stalactites, stalagmites, and other natural formations that are sure to dazzle. Bats are also found inside, hence the name. "Murcielagos" translates to "bats" in English.

Zuheros Spain is generally known for its overall beauty. Numerous whitewashed homes and buildings sit in the shadow of a former Muslim palace that was eventually converted into a Spanish castle, and the village is also home to a historic church known as the Parroquia de Nuestra Senora de los Remedios. When visitors aren't checking out such attractions or spending time in the Sierras Subbeticas Natural Park, they might head over to the local cheese factory. Known as Las Balanchares, this factory uses milk from locally bred goats and is well-known around the world. For those who are wondering, cheese can be bought directly from the Las Balanchares factory.

Zuheros is only some 45 miles southeast of Cordoba, and many visitors to the village actually stop by for a brief respite of sorts while traveling between Cordoba and Granada. For those who wish to stay overnight in Zuheros, there aren't as many hotels as there are in Cordoba or Granada. In fact, the Zuheros hotels only include two lodging establishments. They are the Hacienda Minerva and the Hotel Zuhayra. Both offer highly affordable rooms, with the Hacienda Minerva providing a little more comfort and a few extra amenities. Both can be excellent if you don't require the 5 star treatment.



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