Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is a popular holiday destination located in the northern part of Spain. It is near the French border and is situated in the beautiful Catalonia region, whose capital is Barcelona. The coast offers sweeping views of the Mediterranean and the variety of cities and towns are home to quaint houses and interesting histories. The Costa Brava Spain is also known for its uniqueness and has recently become a top destination for European vacationers.

The Costa Brava area begins at the French border, continuing until just north of Barcelona. The area is quite popular during the spring and summer months as the weather becomes warm and the sun shines regularly. Europeans flock to the coast to soak up the sun and enjoy the local history, making it a crowded area at times. Throughout the fall and winter, the temperatures drop considerably but there are also fewer tourists around. You can still experience all that Costa Brava Spain has to offer minus the beaches during this time. No matter what time of year you travel, you will find quaint towns, unique history and a ragged coastline that is stunning.

The top destinations in Costa Brava are the most popular spots of Cadaques, Girona, Tossa de Mar, and Lloret de Mar. All unique in their own respect, they offer the majority of attractions and accommodations along the coast. Cadaques is a good starting off point for exploring the coast and is still an unspoiled destination. It is only reachable by a winding road from Rosas but the reward is great; visitors will find beautiful scenery and a peaceful atmosphere. Visitors get the vistas of the mountains, unbeatable views of the Mediterranean Sea, the sixteenth-century Gothic church and quaint houses. It is here where visitors get a true feel for the secluded areas of Spain.

Girona is the next major stop on the Costa Brava. This medieval city is situated inland and is a popular day trip for those vacationing along the coast. It has that true ancient feel with narrow alleyways winding all around the Call, the Old Quarter of town. It is split by the Onyar River and features an ancient stone footbridge. The cathedral here is from the fourteenth century and features magnificent architectural works and various art pieces. The area of Girona is best discovered on foot so expect to do a lot of walking.

Heading a bit further down Costa Brava Spain is the popular town of Tossa de Mar. Tossa de Mar is a former vibrant port town and attracts thousands of visitors each summer. The town boasts twelfth-century walls, sandy beaches, a medieval Old Quarter and a picturesque port. If you fancy a trip to the beach, head to either Mar Gran or La Bauma, the two main beaches of Tossa de Mar. Keep in mind that the population swells in the summer months and it can be quite hard to find accommodation unless made in advance.

There are also many other stops along the Costa Brava that attract many visitors. Lloret de Mar is known for its cheap accommodation and convenient location. Figueres is in the heart of Catalonia and is steeped in history. Today it features marvellous restaurants, Salvador Dali’s castle and the Dali museum. L’Escala is a popular spot for those looking to participate in water sports, hang out at the beach and enjoy fresh seafood.

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