Granada Airport

The Granada Airport is one of several airports that are worth keeping in mind when getting to Spain's southern Andalucia region, particularly if you are planning on basing yourself in Granada proper. Found approximately ten miles west of the city core, the Federico Garcia Lorca Airport, as this airport is also known, primarily handles national flights to and from the busier Spanish airports in Madrid in Barcelona. In more recent years, the number of international flights arriving at Granada Airport has increased, however, with other European destinations being the points of origin for these direct flights.

The Federico Garcia Lorca Airport doesn't offer a lot of amenities or services, though it can make for a great entry point into Granada nonetheless. For starters, it is close to the heart of town, so the trip in doesn't take very long. Among the facilities is a small tourist information booth that can help incoming travelers find a hotel or other lodging. Also found at the Granada Airport is an ATM machine, so air travelers can quickly arm themselves with the proper currency (though, be aware that ATMs sometimes have high fees abroad).

Once at the Federico Garcia Lorca Airport, travelers who are in need of a way to get to town can hop on a bus and get to the city center in about 45 minutes. Buses also depart from the city center and head to the airport. The more exact location of this bus departure center is Plaza Isabel Catolica 2, which puts it just two blocks east of the renowned Granada Cathedral. Taking a taxi is also an option when it comes to getting from the Granada Airport to the heart of town. While the cost of a taxi ride is considerably higher than a bus ticket, the convenience is hard to beat. The taxis line up just outside of the terminals.

For those who are interested in Granada car rentals, they are available at the Federico Garcia Lorca Airport. Some of the agencies are among the most recognizable North American-based agencies. It should be noted that the city isn't exactly the best for driving, particularly if you are not a local who knows the streets inside and out. The congested nature of the city alone makes it a better walking city than driving city. This being said, the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains are fun to explore by car.

When searching for flights to Granada, travelers might also take the other regional airports into account. The Malaga Airport is the main air hub in southern Spain, with the Seville Airport coming in second. Once in these cities, it is possible to reach Granada by bus and/or train. As for those who wish to cut down on travel time, catching a connecting flight in Barcelona or Madrid is a good idea. The flight from Barcelona to Granada takes about an hour and twenty minutes, while the trip in from Madrid lasts just an hour. Direct flights from other European destinations embark out of Paris, Rome, Milan, and Brussels. There are also flights from other Spanish locales, such as the islands of Gran Canaria and Palma de Mallorca.

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