Alhama de Granada

Alhama de Granada is the name of a lovely little town that calls the province of Granada home. Situated only some 30 miles from the province capital, it is full of Spanish charm and offers amazing views of the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains. The town is actually perched on the edge of a gorge, so scenic appeal is quite high. Alhama de Granada Spain isn't yet a huge tourist spot, and only some 6,000 people call the town home so visitors will find a quiet and beautiful getaway here.

During Moorish times, the town of Alhama de Granada was of particular interest to the Moors because of its strategic location between Granada and Malaga. This wasn't the only thing that drew the Moors to the immediate area, however. The town has long been known for its thermal waters, and even before the Moors arrived, the Romans had constructed bath houses to take advantage of the situation. To this day, the thermal waters of Alhama de Granada draw in visitors with their soothing properties. At the main Alhama Balneario Spa, the natural waters maintain a warm temperature and contain magnesium, bicarbonates, calcium, and sulfates. Among other things, they are believed by some to relieve gout, arthritis, asthma, and tendonitis.

The spa in Alhamada de Granada is open from April to November, and visitors to the town might drop by to check out the old bath house, which exhibits the Moorish Almohade style that was popular in the twelfth century. The Alhama Balneario Spa is situated in the mountains just a mile and a half from the center of town. Two Alhama de Granada hotels are situated in the same area. They are the three-star Hotel Balneario and the one-star Hotel Bano Nuevo.

When visitors to Alhama de Granada Spain aren't indulging in the thermal baths, they can treat themselves to fun walking tours through town. The surrounding mountain scenery is utterly stunning, and there are plenty of places to get something good to eat or drink along the way. During the warmer times of year, local eateries offer outdoor seating, so you can dine on tapas and savor regional wines or beers while you take in the charming setting. Visitors to Spain will find that most every town has plenty of charm, not to mention scenic appeal, and this is certainly the case with Alhama de Granada.

There are many things to do in this little town. A variety of local shops provide Alhama de Granada visitors with some good shopping opportunities, and for the outdoor enthusiast, hiking in the gorge is bound to please. In the summer especially, the river in the gorge can be good for swimming. There is a lot to like about Alhama de Granada, and it only gets better when you consider all the wonderful side trip possibilities. At least one bus travels between the town and Granada, for example, and those with a rental car can cruise around to any number of regional villages. Perhaps a trip down to the Malaga area to enjoy some of the best beaches in Spain will be in order, or maybe you are visiting Alahama de Granada in the winter and have skiing in the Sierra Nevadas in mind.

For those who are interested in adding to their list of potential Alhama de Granada hotels, the Hotel Seguiriya is a good candidate. A family-run hotel, it offers six guest units that are clean, comfortable, and attractive. Standard amenities include TV, Wi-Fi, a telephone, a bathroom, and a balcony. Regional cuisine is on offer in the wonderful onsite restaurant, and the friendly hosts are happy to provide their guests with tips on all kinds of things, such as the best local hiking trails.

Alhama de Granada is home to rental properties that are worth keeping in mind when searching for a place to stay in the Granada region. They typically come in the form of small, cozy homes and can make for excellent alternatives to the Alhama de Granada hotels or the hotels in Granada proper.

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