Granada Car Rentals

Granada car rentals are available, though it should be said that the city itself isn't ideal for driving. In fact, tourists are encouraged to leave the driving up to someone else when trying to navigate the city streets. Thankfully, most of the top sights can be reached by walking. All this considered, a Granada car hire can be very convenient when it comes to exploring the general region. A driving side trip to the nearby village of Alhama de Granada or the Sierra Nevadas are both excellent reasons to get a rental car.

A Spanish highway network connects Granada to several other major cities, and these cities include such other southern hotspots as Malaga and Seville. As you might imagine, the highway network also links the city to the capital of Madrid. Interestingly enough, many Granada visitors rent a vehicle in one of these other cities and then drive the rest of the way. This has a lot to do with the fact that the Granada Airport isn't served by very many international flights. It might also have a lot to do with the fact that these other cities also warrant some time when it comes to Spanish travel on the whole.

Should you plan on renting a car elsewhere and then takimg it to Granada, making one or more stops along the way is recommended. Many people who drive from Madrid to Granada stop for a night in Jaen, for example. Perhaps they are drawn to the fact that Jaen is known as the "World Capital of Olive Oil." The city is also known for its glorious cathedral, and the general setting is beautiful.

For travelers who prefer renting a vehicle in Granada, the options are quite complete. As you might imagine, the airport is a good place to secure some wheels for the duration of your trip. A variety of North American companies that are well-known the world over have rental car operations at the Granada Airport.

Not all of the Granada car rentals have to be booked at the airport. One of the North American-based operations has an office at the Granada Center Hotel on Avenida Fuentenueva s/n, for example, and you can locate another at Plaza Cuchilleros 1. Complementing the highly recognizable North American agencies are some European agencies, and they too have agencies at the airport and in the city. Generally speaking, it is easier to book through an agency that you are familiar with, so you might keep that in mind when making a final decision.

As for the requirements that you must fulfill in order to secure a Granada car hire, or a Spanish car hire in general for that matter, they are pretty simple. A valid driver's license is needed, as is a valid credit card and a valid passport. Some rental car agencies in Spain don't rent to people who are younger than 21 years of age, and they might also set their overall age limite at 72. The vehicles that are available for rent range from basic compact cars to SUVs and upscale sedans. The steering wheel is on the left as it is in North America, and Spaniards drive on the right side of the road.

Image: Manuel M. Ramos (flickr)
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