Palacio de Carlos V

The Palacio de Carlos V is one of a variety of structures that comprise the Alhambra complex in Granada, Spain. Built upon the order of Carlos V, Holy Roman Emperor, the Charles V Palace is a grand edifice that largely exhibits the Renaissance architectural style. Due to this style, it contrasts significantly with the other Alhambra structures and is very easy to recognize.

Interestingly enough, Carlos V, or Charles V as he is known in English, did not wholly approve of the Cordoba Cathedral being built in the middle of the Moorish-based Mezquita mosque. That being said, he went ahead anyways and had his Granada Palace built in the middle of the Moorish Alhambra complex. Work began on this palace in 1526, and the architect, who is believed by some to have been a student of Michelangelo, was Pedro Machuca. The resulting structure is quite attractive and serves as a fine example of the classical Renaissance style in Spain. Worth noting is the fact that the Charles V Palace levied a tax on Granada's Muslim residents to help finance the project.

One of the main things that is worth focusing on when it comes to Palacio de Carlos V tours is the two-story, central courtyard. Columns encircle it, creating a very magnificent effect. Also worth noting when it comes to the Charles V Granada Palace are the museums that are housed inside. These museums include the Museo de la Alhambra, which highlights Hispano-Muslim art, and the Museo Bellas Artes en la Alhambra, which focuses primarily on religious art from the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries. For visitors who only have time for one museum visit, the Museo de la Alhambra is the better of the two.

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