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Granada events offer something for a wide range of interests. There are religious festivals that are rooted in centuries of tradition, music festivals that often highlight dancing as well, and a special "Reconquest" celebration that marks the Christian triumph over the Moors way back in 1492. This is just the start, however, so Granada visitors are encouraged to consult the events calendar before they arrive.

One of the biggest festivals in Granada is the International Festival of Music and Dance. Held in June and July, this festive affair sees all kinds of music and dancing performances taking place across the city. Among the venues that host the larger performances are the Alhambra and the Generalife Gardens, and many musical celebrations are held right in the streets. As you might suspect in the land of flamenco, many of the performances revolve around this lively and spirited form of song and dance.

The religious festivals in Granada are among the city's most spectacular events. One such festival is Corpus Christi. Held in May and June, this event features solemn religious parades that are fascinating to watch, and thanks to the fairground on the outskirts of the city, residents and visitors alike can add some partying to the mix. It's sort of a celebration of Catholicism and Granada itself, the likes of which results in an interesting array of scenarios. One thing is for sure. Visitors will find it hard to get bored when this week-long festival is going on.

May is a good time to visit Granada if you are interested in renowned Granada events. In addition to Corpus Christi and number of other events, the month of May plays host to the Cruces de Mayo celebration. This is similar to the Cruces de Mayo event in Cordoba and other Spanish cities. During this event in early May, neighborhood and religious groups decorate crosses, most often with flowers, and these crosses are displayed for all to admire. Found near the crosses are places to get some food and drink, and generally speaking, it's one big party. The historic Albaicin district is where many of the livelier celebrations take place.

Much like Seville, Granada is known for its Holy Week celebrations. Also known as Semana Santa, Holy Week is the week leading up to Easter, and it sees the city streets being used for amazing religious processions. During these processions, religious groups carry heavy floats on their backs as they make their way down the streets. Song and dance often accompanies the floats, which are most often decorated with a statue of Christ or Mary, and traditional costumes add to the mystique of it all.

These festivals in Granada are some of the best, but they aren't the only ones that are worth keeping in mind. January brings the spirited Festival of the Reconquest, for example, and February is when the city celebrates its patron saint, San Cecilio.

Also worth keeping in mind when planning a Granada holiday are the city's "non-festival" events. These events include bullfights, flamenco performances, and soccer matches. The city is home to three different soccer teams, and while these teams don't typically qualify for the top division, their games can be very exciting nonetheless. In relation to the bullfights, they generally take place during Corpus Christi week, with a couple of other major fights taking place on May 3 and the last day of September.



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