Generalife Garden

The Generalife Garden is one of the most enticing attractions of its kind in all of Spain. The main highlight of the Generalife Palace, this garden features lovely pools, attractive fountains, and other delightful features. Many of the features are reflective of old Moorish stylings, though it should be noted that the garden in general has been largely altered over the years.

The gardens at Generalife Palace Alhambra are quite extensive. Some parts are found in beautiful courtyards, such as the Patio de la Sultana. Also known as the Patio de los Cipreses, this courtyard boasts splendid water features and is considered to be one of the best-preserved examples of the medieval Persian garden style. Other Generalife Garden highlights include the High Gardens and the Low Gardens. The High Gardens are aptly found near the palace's highest point and are beautifully set on several terraces. They feature evergreen trees, scented shrubs, and a small botanical garden area.

As for the Low Gardens at Generalife Palace Alhambra, they are also referred to as the New Gardens since they weren't constructed until the 1900s. The various sections combine to form a park of sorts, and this park links the Alhambra complex to that of the Generalife. Granada Festival of Music and Dance, one of the most renowned Granada events, uses the Low Gardens amphitheatre as one of its prime entertainment venues, it should be mentioned.

When Generalife visitors aren't enjoying the various garden areas, they can stroll down lovely, tree-lined paths like the Promenade of the Cypress Trees and the Promenade of the Oleanders. The grounds in general are simply a joy to explore due to the level of landscape diversity, and it really isn't necessary to have a plan. You can just go as you please. For those who wish, organized Generalife tours can be enjoyed, and they most always include a visit to the Alhambra complex.

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