Granada Holidays

Granada holidays can be the perfect way to go when a break from the everyday routine is in order. One of Spain's greatest cities, Granada offers plenty for the resident and visitor alike. There is the famous Alhambra Palace for starters, and while Spain (and especially Madrid) in general is known for having some healthy nightlife, this city ranks among the best in the country for late night fun. Add in the great dining choices, the enticing outdoor recreation options, and the wonderful weather, and it only becomes more clear that Granada vacations cater to a wide range of tastes and interests.

Granada calls Spain's southern Andalucia region home, and this region is known for its Moorish heritage and its warm weather. Much like Seville and Cordoba, Granada is an especially good place to get in touch with the country's history as it relates to the Moors, and this is largely due to attractions like the Alhambra, the Generalife, and the historic Albaicin neighborhood. These landmarks haven't changed all that much since the days of Arab rule, and the romance of it all is impossible to deny.

Getting in touch with Moorish history isn't the only perk that can be associated with Granada holidays. Christianity eventually won out in the long run here, and landmarks such as the Granada Cathedral attest to this fact. One of Spain's most impressive architectural offerings, the Granada Cathedral is immaculate both inside and out, and just behind it is a chapel where some of Spain's most famous royal members from the past are entombed. This chapel is known as the Royal Chapel, and among those who rest there are none other than King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. These two monarchs sponsored Christopher Columbus's famous journey to the New World, and they also reigned supreme during the completion of the Spanish Reconquest.

Granada is a delightful city for strolling, especially in and around the historic core and along the romantic strip that is the Carrera del Darro. When a break from strolling is in order, stopping for a drink or something to eat can be a very rewarding experience. Perhaps you'll fancy some tapas and a few drinks, the likes of which can be spread out over a few different establishments. This kind of restaurant-hopping, if you will, often extends well into the night and is one of the things that makes Spanish nightlife in general so fun.

There are lots of interesting things to do in Granada, but Granada vacations don't have to be limited to what's found in the city. Serving as the backdrop for the city are the high-rising Sierra Nevada mountains. This range, which boasts some of the tallest peaks in all of Europe, is home to the Sierra Nevada National Park, as well as one of the continent's most southerly ski resorts. Many Granada holidays that are taken in the winter have some skiing on the itinerary, and it's always possible to stay at the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort for a few days. Other popular activities in the Sierra Nevadas include hiking, mountain biking, and mountaineering.

Granada is the capital of an eponymous province, and this province features several destinations that can make great vacation bases. Two such examples are Alhama de Granada and the Costa Tropical region. Alhama de Granada is a beautiful, whitewashed town that sits perched on the edge of a gorge, while the Costa Tropical region is fast making a name for itself on the European beach vacation front. Both offer hotels and vacation rentals, so the lodging choices are quite complete.

There are lots of things to like about Granada, which is why more and more world travelers are choosing to interest themselves in Granada vacation packages. These packages typically include things like accommodations and tickets for the famed Alhambra, and you might be able to include a rental car or a flight depending on the specific deal or company.

Vacation packages are especially worth keeping in mind when trying to arrange cheap holidays to Granada Spain, as discounts on everything that is included is often part of the deal. Thanks to the fact that they bundle things together, the Granada vacation packages most often save more than money. They can save travelers a lot of time as well, as much of the planning is taken care of. Check out the booking tool on this page to compare travel deals across several popular websites.



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