Sacromonte Granada

Sacromonte Granada is a neighborhood near the Albaicin that is known primarily for its gitano, or gypsy heritage. The same name is also applied to the hill on which the neighborhood sits, and it translates to Holy Mountain in English. Several Christians were martyred in Sacromonte, hence the name. A major tourist attraction in modern times, Sacromonte Granada features some fascinating cave dwellings, the likes of which set the stage for some lively flamenco performances, in the evenings especially.

Some label Sacromonte Granada as a tourist trap, but that doesn't stop visitors from dropping by with regularity. What the visitors come to see are the caves that are found on the hill and the flamenco shows that heat up once the sun goes down. For centuries, the gypsy community in Granada has populated Sacromonte, living in caves that they themselves carved out the hillside. Rain caused extensive damage to the caves in 1962, thus causing many of the resident gypsies to flee, though some remained. Most make a living through tourism, with the "zambras" being the evening flamenco shows that are so renowned.

When visitors aren't watching a performance of flamenco in Sacromonte, they can check out various cave dwellings. These dwellings can be quite complete, featuring many of the comforts of a more standard abode. Electricity is very common, for example. Also common are decorations that are largely made from ceramic and copper. These kinds of decorations are most often up for sale if a visitor is willing to buy. Cave tours are best enjoyed during the day, and they can be guided or unguided. Typically, a visitor will inspect a few caves, take in a zambra, and then leave.

It should be noted that some of the guided Sacromonte Granada tours are better than others. As such, it can be a good idea to get a local opinion when possible. Also, it is possible to enjoy cave tours in the morning, the afternoon, and the evening, so visitors can choose accordingly.

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