Things to do in Granada

Things to do in Granada include something for a very wide range of tastes and preferences. There are attractions for cultural buffs, eateries galore for dining enthusiasts, and a number of great bars that can satisfy any and all nightlife lovers. This is just the start, however, and it only gets better when you consider the side trip possibilities. Add in the great weather, and it becomes clear that Granada is a great place to escape to.

Things to do in Granada in March, April, and May

Spring is widely considered to be the best time to visit Granada Spain. For starters, the weather is simply sublime on most days, and this lends to all kinds of activity options. Walking tours that highlight Granada Spain attractions such as the city's beautiful cathedral are especially rewarding during this season thanks to the good weather, and it can also be a great time to venture out to other regional cities or towns, such as the town of Alhama de Granada. Also adding to the allure of Granada travel in the spring are the colorful events. This is definitely festival season, with the celebrations of Corpus Christi being just one festival example.

Things to do in Granada in June, July, and August

It is no secret that Spain gets very hot in the summer. In the southern Andalucia region especially, daytime highs can top the 100 degree Fahrenheit mark, and this region is where you will find Granada. Due to Granada's location at more than 2,000 feet above sea level, however, it stays cooler than many of the region's other cities and towns throughout the year. If the heat proves to be too much either way, a side trip to the Costa Tropical might be in order. This coastal region in the Granada province offers up some fantastic beaches, and it doesn't take long to get up into the mountains for some hiking and/or mountain biking. As for the more specific Granada Spain attractions, it might be best to take them in during the morning and evening hours when visiting during the summer. The midday heat can be exhausting, and many attractions close down for a few hours during the hottest time of the day anyways.

Things to do in Granada in September, October, and November

Autumn, much like spring, is widely considered to be a prime time for Granada travel. Once again, the Granada weather is wonderful during this season, as the extreme summer highs have mostly dissipated. Even during the midday hours, traipsing around the Alhambra precints and the Generalife gardens shouldn't be too hot. Fall is also a great time for Granada visitors to venture into the Sierra Nevadas for some mountain-based fun, with the earlier part of the season being warmer and drier on average.

Things to do in Granada in December, January, and February

When it comes down to it, the majority of the Granada Spain attractions can be enjoyed at any time of year. As such, a winter visit can be very rewarding. While the nights can be pretty cold in Granada during the winter season, the days are often sunny and relatively warm. This lends well to citywide sightseeing tours, especially when you consider that on most winter days, the tourist numbers are down. You might even feel like you almost have the Albaicin, Sacromonte, and the city's other main tourist districts to yourself. When winter tourists aren't enjoying the in-town attractions during a winter trip to Granada, they can take to the slopes at the nearby Sierra Nevada Ski Resort. This resort can make snow if it needs to, and the skiing and snowboarding can actually be enjoyed well into the spring.

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