Granada Train Travel

Granada train travel is very popular, which has a lot to do with the fact that the city's airport doesn't handle a lot of international flights. Visitors often fly into one of Spain's busier airports, such as the one in Madrid or Malaga, and then they cover the rest of the distance via ground transportation. That being said, the Granada flights include national flights that link the city to Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca, and a few other destinations.

Taking the train is much more economical in the long run when it comes to getting to Granada from any number of destinations around Spain. Also, thanks the to the beauty of the Spanish countryside, the journey can often seem quicker than expected. Chances are good that before you know it, you'll be pulling into the Granada rail station, which is located at Avenida Andaluces s/n.

One very popular link via rail to Granada is Seville, one of the southern Andalucia region's other top tourist cities. Those interested in taking a train from Seville to Granada can actually choose from several daily trains, with the total trip time taking around four hours. For those interested the train from Seville to Granada, there are typically four different trains that execute the route on any given day.

Another popular trip is the train from Madrid to Granada. There are two daily trips, with the total trip time being around five to six hours. These certainly aren't the only examples, however. The Spanish train system is quite complete, and as a result, it is possible to get to nearly every destination in the land by way of rail. There is a daily train from Barcelona to Granada, for example, as well as a daily train from Valencia to Granada. The trip from Barcelona is about twelve to thirteen hours, while the journey from Valencia on down to the city takes approximately eight hours.

It should be noted that taking a bus can also be a good way to get to Granada. In fact, the number of buses that arrive in the city on a daily basis outweighs the number of trains. Generally speaking, a bus that is traveling to the same place as a train will get there faster in Spain. This alone is reason enough to keep the buses in mind, though the more relaxed nature of a train might prove to be too seductive for some. The bus station in Granada can be found on Carretera de Jaen s/n.

Regardless of how you get to Granada, there will be plenty of fun things to do once you arrive. Seeing a flamenco show is just one option, and no visit to the city would be complete without a tour of the Alhambra and the Generalife Gardens. As far as getting around the city is concerned, walking is sufficient on many occasions, and there are taxis to depend upon when greater distances need to be covered. Buses also provide a local transportation services, with one option being the bus that runs from Plaza Nueva to the historic Albaicin district.

For those who are wondering about tickets when it comes to Granada train travel, it is possible to purchase individual trip tickets at the train stations in any number of Spanish cities or towns. In Madrid, for example, all you have to do is go to the Atocha train station. Once you find a train that suits your needs, you can buy your ticket. Most of the train stations around Spain have English-speaking representatives, though you should find that the schedule display boards advertise the train times and destinations quite clearly.

It is also possible to purchase train tickets for Granada in advance if that is what you prefer. One option is to get a rail pass from RENFE, which is Spain's national railway. These passes are most often discounted and can be purchased in the U.S. Also worth considering are the Eurail Spain passes. They allow for unlimited rail travel for a period that can last anywhere from three to ten days, and there are options that can see you riding in either first or second class. It should be noted that the Eurail Spain passes are only good for two-months, so you must use up all of your days within that time frame if you wish to take full advantage.

Eurail passes that are good for train travel throughout Spain and Portugal are available, as are special Spain and France passes. Also, Granada visitors who are planning on enjoying a multi-stop vacation through Europe in general might keep the greater Eurailpass in mind. This pass allows for first-class travel throughout Western Europe.



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