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Granada travel is enjoyable at any time of year, though there are some things that prospective visitors might take into account when planning their trips. One of the most obvious things is the weather. In general, the Granada weather is good, with the relatively warm year-round temperatures being largely responsible for drawing in visitors from more northerly locales around the world.

Granada tourism largely revolves around the city's historical and architectural attractions. These attractions include such gems as the Alhambra and the Granada Cathedral. Regardless of the time of year, visiting attractions such as these can be very rewarding. This essentially makes any season a good season for dropping into town.

If you are sensitive to extremes when it comes to weather, then spring and fall are arguably the best times to engage in Granada travel. Summer days can be uncomfortably hot, and chilly weather isn't unheard of in the winter. Of course, there are ways to combat the heat or the cold. A cool drink in the shade at a local café can be very refreshing on a summer day, and many hotels or vacation rentals have air conditioning. During the winter, a sweater or jacket is usually all that's required to keep chills at bay, and some toasty churros with a cup of thick, hot, and rich chocolate for dipping can be divine. Churros, for those who might not know, are essentially long and thin donuts that are almost always served hot and with a cup of warm liquid cocoa on the side.

Weather isn't the only thing to focus on when trying to decide the best time to go to Granada. There's also the Granada events calendar. This calendar is relatively full throughout the year, with May being a particularly festive time as far as religious festivals are concerned. These festivals, which include Corpus Christi, aren't all about religion, however. A certain amount of partying goes on, and in many ways, the city itself is celebrated in conjunction with Christianity.

As for other events that might pique your interest, Granada is home to three soccer teams, two of which play in Spain's second division, and the city hosts a renowned music and dance festival in the summer. There's also bullfights, which are understandably avoided by many tourists due to their violent nature. Should you wish to see a bullfighting spectacle, they are often held during the week of the Corpus Christi celebrations. There is also an annual fight on May 3 and on the last day in September. It should be noted that more and more Spaniards are turning against bullfighting. In the Cataluna Region, which is what you will find Barcelona, the tradition has actually been banned completely.

Granada tourism doesn't just revolve around the attractions that can be found around town. In the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains, activities such as skiing and hiking can be enjoyed, with winter and early spring being the best times to ski. Also, the province of Cordoba boasts a wonderful beach vacation area that is especially popular in the summer. This area is known as Costa Tropical, and thanks to recent improvements in the region's road network, it is possible to drive there in about 30 minutes from Granada proper.

When it comes down to it, the best time to go to Granada is anytime. The top attractions are open year round, and regardless of the season, there are options for things to do in the mountains if you wish to get out of the city for a while. As for the times when most visitors drop into town, they include spring, summer, and fall in general, with festival weeks seeing an extra increase in tourism on the whole.



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