Ibiza Holidays

Ibiza holidays have been enjoyed by the British since the 1930s when actor Terry Thomas bought one of the villas here. Today it is one of the island’s luxury hotels. He was joined over the next three decades by other legendary film stars from around the world who gave the island a reputation as a glittering jet set getaway that rivaled the Riviera of southern France. Then, came the hippies and rock music stars of the 1960s and 1970s, who enjoyed party holidays to Ibiza on the beautiful beaches. “Flower Power” ruled, and the anything goes attitude of the island began.

The 1980s and 1990s saw the explosion of nightclub tourism and the packaging of the cheap holidays in Ibiza that today brings millions of young people from across Europe and the United States every year. Even families have joined the swell of tourists, and there are many resorts on the island that cater for a family holiday to Ibiza with facilities like water parks and services like organized children’s activities.

By far, the most famous Ibiza holidays are those with the purpose of attending hedonistic all night parties at some of the most famous nightclubs in the world—including Privilege, the world’s largest nightclub with a capacity of 10,000. The majority of these party holidays to Ibiza occur in the city of San Antonio (home of the Eden Nightclub and Es Paradis), in Ibiza Town (home of the Pacha, the island’s oldest club), and along nearby Playa den Bossa (home of Space Nightclub). Privilege and its neighbor Amnesia are the exceptions, being located in the small town of San Rafael in the island’s interior.

There are several smaller, less famous nightclubs, and dozens of music bars where pre-clubbing lubrication, dancing, and hooking up occurs in the late afternoons and early evening. The bars along Playa den Bossa have made this long beach as famous for parties and bikini clad Ibiza girls as is Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. This is also true of the long “Sunset Strip” in San Antonio, where numerous apartments and budget hotels have sprung up so that cheap holidays in Ibiza can be enjoyed by the twenty something’s who generally have little discretionary money for posh lodging and don’t mind apartments with several people crashed out in various stages of hangovers. Party holidays to Ibiza are often purchased as vacation packages offered by tour operators; these packages generally include cheap round-trip flights, hotel accommodations, and at least one admission ticket to one of the nightclubs.

Ibiza holidays have much more to offer than wild partying, as it is a beautiful island with charming villages, excellent shopping, good scuba diving spots, romantic secluded beaches, luxury hotels, and opulent villa rentals. Quiet resorts in places such as Portinatx, Santa Eulalilia, and Cala Tarida provide safe and enjoyable refuge for families. Some of the resort properties have all-inclusive options that include full or half board meals that help families save on dining out costs. These family getaways are often packaged as cheap holidays in Ibiza just as the party packages are. Additionally the historic UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ibiza Town with its ancient walled citadel is of interest to all who visit.



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