Pacha Ibiza

Popular Pacha Ibiza is one of many nightclubs in the Pacha franchise. The first was opened in 1967 in seaside Sitges on the Spanish mainland near Barcelona. There are now more than 40 of these clubs. Most are in Spain, but they are also located all over Europe from London to Moscow, in Africa and the Middle East, in Central and South America from Buenos Aires to Cabo San Lucas, and in New York City. Pacha Nightclub in Ibiza is undoubtedly the most famous, and this is where the group’s headquarters is located.

Pacha Club in Ibiza was opened in 1973 and is located on the marina and harbor side of Ibiza Town, an out of the way location that at the time many thought doomed it to failure. Today, it is one of the most popular nightclubs in the world, and it is surrounded by apartments, hotels, and numerous smaller bars and clubs. Pacha Ibiza has a capacity of 3,500 and five rooms, each with their own style and vibe, in addition to the main dance floor room where the sound is mostly electronic music as well as Spanish pop. You can hear jazz, soul and funk in the El Cielo Room (also called the Funky Room), just hang a left after you enter. If you want more soothing sounds, head for the outside terrace.

The Pacha Nightclub in Ibiza is known for its “house music” played by the resident disc jockey, Sarah Main from Australia, but during the summer it showcases high profile deejays from around the world. It’s a small and cozy club in comparison to the island’s larger venues, which include Privilege, the world’s largest nightclub. When Pacha Club in Ibiza first opened, it was a hangout for the glamorous of the hippie era, from Joan Baez to Mick Jagger. It hasn’t forgotten these roots, and continues to offer the very popular “Flower Power” parties during the summer. During the 1980s and 1990s, you could rub elbows with Freddie Mercury, Grace Jones, Tom Cruise, and Nicole Kidman—if you could get into the VIP room. Today the room might have luminaries like Madonna, the Sultan of Brunei, or Bono holding court. The award-winning 2005 film It’s All Gone Pete Tong features the parties and scantily clad Ibiza girls of the Pacha Club in Ibiza and boasts an amazing soundtrack that can still be heard in the club.

Pacha Nightclub in Ibiza tickets can be considerably more expensive if you purchase them at the door, so it’s advisable to buy them in advance. If you’re staying at one of the luxury hotels or budget apartments in the harbor area, Pacha Ibizais within walking distance—or stumbling distance depending on the amount of pre-part cocktails consumed. If you’re staying on Playa den Bossa, cheap taxis are available for the short drive, and the island’s Disco Bus runs regular routes from Playa den Bossa as well as the party town of San Antonio on the other side of the island. In fact, one of the best luxury properties on the island, El Hotel, is now part of the Pacha Club complex. Unlike the other big clubs on the island, Pacha remains open throughout the year.

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