Playa Den Bossa

Playa den Bossa is one of the most famous and popular beaches on Ibiza. Its northern edge is only a little more than a mile south of Ibiza Town, and it stretches for another couple miles south of that, making it the longest beach on the island. It is actually a suburb of the capital city, and is a fairly complete self-contained resort. The southern end of Playa den Bossa Beach is located quite close to the island’s only airport, so it is possible to arrive on flights, head for your Playa den Bossa hotels or apartments, and never go anywhere else on the island during your vacations. Everything is located here, from restaurants and hotels to shops, boutiques, and markets.

The things to do in Playa den Bossa include a wide variety of activities for families with children; the beach boasts a big water park, has lifeguards, and the water is fairly shallow quite far out. Several amusement parks offer carousels, racing cars, bowling, trampolines, mini golf, and bowling. The many restaurants are also less expensive than in Ibiza Town, which is good news if you’re feeding an entire family. For excellent value and wonderful food, look for the Playa den Bossa restaurants that serve fresh seafood and for the many tapas bars. Most of the apartments are located one street in from the beach promenade.

There are also plenty of more “grown up” activities such as sailing, windsurfing (the afternoon south wind makes this a very popular sport), snorkeling and scuba diving, banana boats, and water skiing as well as a sophisticated and lively Playa den Bossa nightlife for young people to enjoy, including the famous (some say infamous) nightclub Space, the Fiesta Club, and the Bora Bora Beach Bar. Numerous bars, cafés and other trendy nightclubs line the beachfront. Adding to the Playa den Bossa nightlife are traditional Spanish cafés, English and Irish pubs, and disco spots with the only purpose of warming you up before the big nightclubs open.

Playa den Bossa hotels and apartments range from basic (even budget accommodation similar to hostels) to quite deluxe four-star resorts. A large percentage of the accommodation options are self-catering, and there are plenty of supermarkets to buy groceries. Some of the larger resorts have all-inclusive options that include meals and certain cocktails for an additional charge.

Playa den Bossa Beach has little shade, so a sun umbrella and cover-up with long sleeves are good ideas. Most Playa den Bossa nightlife and clubs are found around the middle part of the beach. The quieter stretch of sand with fewer crowds will be found down at the far southern end. You can get here on bicycle, public bus, or rental car, and there is ample parking. There is also good taxi transportation, and you will find taxi ranks at various places up and down the beach. And, if you’ve come for clubbing, there is always the famous Disco Bus that runs an inexpensive regular route to all the major clubs as well as to San Antonio and Santa Eulalia.

The Playa den Bossa Beach club scene season lasts from about mid-June until around the end of September. If you’re looking for bargain prices or want to sleep away from the club scene, look to the apartments that are a street or two inland from the beach, or for places at the south end.

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Playa Den Bossa

Playa Den Bossa

Playa den Bossa is one of the most famous and popular beaches on Ibiza. Its n...

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