San Antonio Ibiza

San Antonio Ibiza (officially Sant Antoni de Portmany, and affectionately “San An”) is on the north western side of the small island, but it is still only a twenty minute drive from Ibiza Town. About halfway between the two towns, near the little community of San Rafael, is the world’s largest nightclub, Privilege. You will also find excellent San Antonio Ibiza nightlife right in town. After Ibiza Town and its famous Playa den Bossa, this is the most popular town for party holidays.

A San Antonio vacation is popular both with young people in search of the island’s legendary parties as well as with families who want peaceful getaways. Young people concentrate their vacations near the popular clubs that are found primarily in the town’s western edge (called the Sunset Strip) as well as in more peaceful locations. Because of its westerly facing direction, Sant Antoni is known for its spectacular sunsets, and it is a popular spot for weddings, honeymoons, and romantic getaways.

In addition to driving or taking the bus from Ibiza Town, you can travel to San Antonio Ibiza by ferry from Denia, on the mainland of Spain near the city of Valencia. Ferries will also take you around the western side of the island and to Playa den Bossa. The resort town of Sant Antoni is graced by its lovely palm-lined promenade that curves around the crescent of the harbor, called Portus Magnus by the Romans. San Antonio hotels and apartments along this stretch command magnificent views of the harbor, filled with its jet set yachts, speedboats, and ferries.

On an island that is famous for its all night parties and Ibiza girls, the San Antonio Ibiza nightlife has been hopping since the 1960s when the hippies discovered its beautiful beaches and established clubs and discos. One of the oldest clubs on the island is the Paradise, or Es Paradis. It is well-known for showcasing the best of the disc jockeys from Europe, the United States, and elsewhere around the world and a wide selection of eclectic music. Paradise is a beautiful club with a glass pyramid roof and classic marble interior with while marble columns covered in vines. It is famous for its annual “fiesta del agua,” or water party, when the dance floor is turned into a giant swimming pool. After the summer grand opening, the water party occurs twice a week throughout the peak season.

The Paradise was known as the King of San Antonio Ibiza until the new (some say upstart) Eden was established just across the street. Eden’s capacity is 5,000 revelers, and is known for its powerful state-of-the-art sound system and wild foam parties. San Antonio Ibiza nightlife and clubbing during the peak season usually begins at some of the more sedate bars and clubs in El West (also called the Sunset Strip), where revelers prepare to party by watching the spectacular sunset. As the night progresses, they move east, usually ending up at Eden or Paradise—or both—and stagger home or to the beach to sleep it off as the sun rises.

Speaking of beaches, San Antonio Ibiza has one of widest with the best sand. It’s a brand new beach created in 2002 and making this the only major town on the island with a good bathing and swimming beach.



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