Isla Magica

Isla Magica Seville
Isla Magica Seville

Isla Magica is packed with fun—this theme park has been one of the most popular things to do in Seville since it opened. Today, Isla Magica continues to be a truly magical place, one where thrills and fun go hand in hand. With a host of rides, multimedia experiences and live shows, Isla Magica is a delight for anyone who visits the transformed site of the Expo ’92 World’s Fair, and along with the Seville cathedral and La Giralda, is among the city's more popular attractions.

Thanks to Seville’s pleasant weather, Isla Magica is open most the year—every day in the summer and several days in the spring and the fall. Each season, the park adds new shows, events and experiences while keeping the favorites. Each of the eight areas of the park has something to discover, whether it’s your first visit to Isla Magica or you’re returning for another visit for more.

Once you step into Isla Magica, you’ll have the chance to follow your imagination on a trip through Spain’s history in the Old World and the New. As you’re searching for gold in El Dorado, you can hop onto El Vuelo del Halcon for a spin on the swinging chair ride and climb aboard the river rafting ride, Rapidos del Orinoco. Like the other themed areas, El Dorado also is home to games, multimedia shows and restaurants to visit at your own pace.

Aqua Magica
Aqua Magica

You might be looking for Captain Jack Sparrow when you visit La Guarida de los Piratas—the Pirates’ Lair. At first glance, this appears to be a peaceful corner of Isla Magica, a small cove tucked away by the lake. But there’s pirates lurking within. Here, the architecture, authentic pirate ship in the moat and other details bring to life the world of ruffians and buccaneers. Its signature experience is Capitan Balas, an interactive area where you can dress in pirate gear, grab a drink and the tavern and set out in search of adventure.

Other areas of the park will take you on a trip through the Amazon jungle, through sixteenth-century Seville and to the world of the ancient Mayans—all without leaving Seville. The park’s signature ride, El Jaguar, stands tall in Amazonia. Spain’s first inverted coaster can reach speeds of 85 mph as it winds through the lush jungle scenery.

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