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Madrid events come in many different forms, and for fans of festivals, Spain's capital city hosts at least a few that can be worth planning a trip around. Whether you plan your Madrid visit around a special event or not, chances are good that you will have an opportunity to enjoy one nonetheless. There is almost always something going on in this vibrant city, and if you're not sure where to go and what to do, a Guia del Ocio is sure to come in handy. Found at newsstands, these guides offer tips for things to do in Madrid, whether you are trying to keep busy during the day or looking for nightlife options.

The events calendar in Madrid is full of interesting things and Madrid Festival that you might consider adding to the itinerary when planning a trip, with bullfights and soccer matches being just two of the options. For nine months out of the year, Madrid's Las Ventas Bullring plays host to some of the biggest bullfights in Spain. During the bullfighting off season, which is during the winter, the Las Ventas Bullring hosts other events, such as a circus and big ticket concerts.

Madrid locals are as passionate about soccer as are most other Europeans, and since there are two main teams in town, you will have numerous opportunities to catch a match. The two main teams in town are Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid, the former being one of the biggest and most successful soccer clubs in the world. The soccer season in Europe runs from the fall to the spring, and when Madrid's main teams aren't playing league games, they often find themselves playing in special tournaments that only increase the number of games that you can consider attending.

The events calendar in Madrid has both sports fans and cultural enthusiasts covered. On the cultural side, the Madrid events include concerts, Flamenco performances, operas, ballet performances, and plays. Among the top performing arts venues in the city are the Madrid Opera House, the Teatro Madrid, the Teatro de la Zarzuela, and the Teatro Albeniz. You might also see what's going on at the Circulo de Bellas Artes if you are interested in catching a performing arts event while in town. It is worth noting that should your hotel have a concierge, the concierge will usually be happy to help you secure tickets for Madrid events like these.

When Madrid festivals are what you have in mind when looking for things to do in Spain's capital city, there are a few that get top billing. None is bigger than the Fiesta de San Isidro, which kicks off with a big feast on May 15. San Isidro is Madrid's patron saint, and once the festival that honors this saint begins, the city is awash in celebrations of all kinds. The events that relate to the Fiesta de San Isidro go on for a month, beginning with a colorful procession and a special speech in the Plaza Mayor. Other Fiesta de San Isidro events include bullfights galore, flamenco performances, zarzuelas (Spanish plays), and concerts. Plenty of eating and drinking also goes on during this largest festival in Madrid, as you might expect.

Other top-rated Madrid festivals that can add some extra depth to your vacation include Carnaval, Festimad, and the Festival de Otono. Madrid's Carnaval takes place in February, and the festivities include costume parties, parades, and all around merrymaking. The Carnaval events last a few days and culminate on Ash Wednesday. As for the Festimad Festival and the Festival de Otono, the former is one of the city's largest music festivals and is held over the course of two days in May, while the latter kicks off in early October and lasts for a month. The Festival de Otono is known as the Autumn Festival in English, and it features live music performances, plays, and dancing performances, with various venues around town being employed.

The events Calendar in Madrid isn't limited to performing arts events, bullfights, soccer matches, and festivals. The city also observes a number of holidays that figure prominently on the annual schedule. These holidays include New Year's Eve and Dos De Mayo. On New Year's Eve, many Madrid locals and tourists head for the Puerta del Sol to party. When the clock on the old Post Office building strikes twelve on New Year's Eve, it is customary for locals to attempt to eat a grape with every gong. As for Dos De Mayo, it honors a famous revolt against French troops that occurred on May 2, 1802. This revolt, which started in the Puerta del Sol, is credited with kicking off the War of Independence and it is celebrated on both May 1 and May 2. The trendy and bar-filled Malasana District just north of the Puerta del Sol is arguably the best place to celebrate Dos De Mayo.

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