Fuencarral is the name of a street in central Madrid, and it's also the name of the shopping area that can be found in and around this street. Anchoring this area is the Fuencarral Market, which is a hip, three-story mall of sorts that caters mostly to the younger crowd with its cool shops and edgy events. Should you be interested in shopping in Fuencarral Madrid, the street itself is just off the busy Gran Via. To the east of Fuencarral is the largely gay area of Chueca, and to the west is the uber-trendy district of Malasana. Shops abound in the general region, and there are also plenty of good restaurants and bars to choose from, adding to the hip vibes.

Shopping in Fuencarral Madrid can be a joy regardless of your age and budget. All you need is a sense of adventure, especially since there are some pretty outrageous boutiques in the area. The fashion stores are among the most popular in the district, and while some of the clothing goods are expensive, you can find good deals if you're looking for them. In addition to big brand fashion stores, Fuencarral is also home to some original shops, many of which offer a funky appeal. In general, this is not the place to shop for Prada or Chanel. It's more about young fashion with a rocker edge. The overall atmosphere is relatively bohemian, and depending on when you show up, the Fuencarral Market might be putting on a DJ competition in its café or hosting exhibitions in its art gallery. Dynamic and always interesting, this three-story market is definitely among the more hip and avant garde places to spend some time on a Madrid vacation.

When shopping in Fuencarral Madrid, a number of stores are bound to catch your attention, with the numerous shoe shops figuring among the most popular places to part with some Euros. As far as fashion is concerned, it isn't all about skater and rocker gear. You can find clothing for almost any occasion or mood, and what you can't find along Fuencarral Street you can likely find at the other stores that abound in the general area.

You won't be limited to shoes and clothing when shopping in Fuencarral Madrid. You can also pick up some music, check out the jewelry shops, see what the furniture stores have to offer, and look for a new bag. Complementing the clothing stores are tattoo and piercing outlets, hair salons, and hip cafes that offer Internet access in case your hotel or hostel does not. It's a very eccentric and eclectic destination, and if shopping isn't your thing, you might drop by when the sun goes down and enjoy some lively nightlife. Some of the city's coolest nightlife and restaurants are found in and around Fuencarral Street.

When you're not checking out the Fuencarral Market on your Madrid shopping spree, the city offers other great shopping opportunities that are worth considering. Spain's capital city is a true shopper's delight, and there are stores to fit all kinds of tastes and preferences. The nearby strip of Gran Via and the Puerta Del Sol are easy to get to from Fuencarral, so you might include them on the agenda when looking to do some shopping in the heart of town.

Image: Daquella Manera (Flickr)
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