Museo Sorolla

Museo Sorolla is one of many excellent art museums that can be found in Spain's capital city of Madrid. Works by the prolific Spanish painter Joaquin Sorolla (1863-1923) are on display at this museum, and the mansion that houses these works is the artist's former home. Sorolla, who was born in Valencia and brought much attention to the Alicante coast with his immaculate landscapes, moved to Madrid in the early 1900s. His elegant town house/studio just off the Paseo de la Castellana was turned over to the Spanish government after he passed away. The house remains very much as it was when Joaquin Sorolla last roamed its halls and sat in its attractive courtyard. In the museum wing, you will find a most representative collection of the artist's works.

Joaquin Sorolla took to painting at an early age, and he came to make a living painting important figures such as King Alfonso XIII. Sorolla didn't limit himself to painting aristocrats and such, however. He is also known for his depictions of common people, as well as his beach scene paintings. The paintings of the common people are particularly fascinating for those who like history, as they depict the common person as they would have appeared. When viewing these paintings, you can get a true idea of the kinds of clothes that people wore around the turn of the century and what kinds of common activities they may have engaged in.

Since the Museo Sorolla exhibits offer up the most complete collection of Sorolla's works, visitors will have little trouble getting insight into the painter's full range. Drawings complement the paintings, and the renowned artist even had a hand in designing and decorating the various rooms. Some of the rooms at the Museo Sorolla are studios and appear much as Sorolla left them. The Museo Sorolla exhibits also feature objects by other artists that were collected by Sorolla, and these works include paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. Various archaeological artifacts from the painter's private collection are also on display at the Sorolla Museum.

When you're not checking out the Museo Sorolla exhibits on a visit, you can explore the lovely gardens, which were inspired by the attractive gardens that adorn the Spanish city of Seville. Between the gardens and the home, the atmosphere is truly delightful, and as far as small museums are concerned, this has to be one of the best in the country.

You can visit the Museo Sorolla anytime between 9:30 a.m. and 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday. Sundays are free, and if you can't make it to the museum on Sunday, the general admission fees are very agreeable.

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