Templo de Debod

Templo de Debod is one of the more unique attractions in Madrid. A verifiable ancient temple from Egypt, it manages to stand out among the city's other landmarks. There aren't many Egyptian temples outside of Egypt, which only makes the Debod Temple even more unique, and thanks to its location near other fine attractions, it is easy to include on a multi-stop itinerary. You can find this Egyptian temple in Madrid on the eastern side of the city near the Palacio Real and the Plaza de Espana. Between these three attractions, you could easily fill the better part of a day, and that's just the start when it comes to everything that there is to see and do in the area.

Work on the Templo de Debod is believed to have started around 2,200 BC. Its original location was the Nubian Desert in southern Egypt, and there it sat for thousands of years until it was moved to Spain block by block in 1970. The building of the Anwar Dam in southern Egypt and subsequent flooding is what threatened to ruin the temple, and this is why it was given to Spain as a gift. Spanish architects who worked with UNESCO helped to save some of Egypt's most precious monuments prior to the transfer, and the gifting of the Debod Temple was intended as a thank you.

The Templo de Debod isn't known for its size, but in terms of history, it is a true gem. As far as what is on display at the site, there are two small gateways that sit in front of the rather diminutive temple. A shallow pool surrounds the site, adding to the lovely setting. The scene is arguably most magical at night, as the temple is illuminated. An attractive park surrounds the entire temple site. The views of the Palacio Real are particularly delightful, and off to the west lies the green expanse of the Casa del Campo.

It doesn't cost anything to visit this Egyptian temple in Madrid, and when you're done with your visit, you might wander over to the Palacio Real for a tour. The nearby Almudena Cathedral is also close by, and it hardly takes a lot of time to get to the Plaza Mayor on foot. Madrid is a wonderful walking city, and with attractions like these so close together, it's easy to see why.

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