Car Rental Mallorca

The fact that this heavily frequented destination in the Balearic Islands is so popular with tourists makes car rental at Palma Airport Mallorca, and within the cities here, easy and approachable. The tourism industry in Mallorca has quite literally exploded in the space of the last 50 years. In the 1950s and 1960s the island was welcoming about a half a million tourists every year. Now, this largest island in the Balearic Island archipelago has more than 20 million travelers pass through Palma Airport every year. They are drawn from around the globe to the gorgeous beaches and temperate climate of this Mediterranean island. It is interesting to note that over half of the entire population of the island works within the tourist industry, whether at a luxury hotel or the airport or somewhere else. Tourism accounts for approximately 80 percent of the island’s GDP.

Due to the shear popularity of the island, car hire at Palma de Mallorca Airport must be efficient enough to handle the flow of tourists. This is great news for international travelers who want to ensure that they will be able to get around at their own pace and on their own terms once they get to the island. There are a large number of reputable agencies for car rental Mallorca. There are more than enough check-in desks (located on the ground level) at the airport for Mallorca car rentals as well so that lines aren't usually an issue. The staff at the airport car rental agencies are able to get you squared away with your reservations and assist with any questions you may have about getting out of the airport and off to the hotels, resorts, and beaches.

The best approach for car rental at Palma Airport Mallorca is to book as far in advance of your trip as possible. Although there are a number of providers right at the airport, it is difficult to guarantee that you will be able to get the car you want, or more importantly, the rates you want if you do not make your plans in advance. This is largely important if you want to make car hire at Palma de Mallorca Airport as easy as possible. If you do, however, find yourself in the position of needing to rent a car at the airport, you are not likely to run into any trouble at all.

The airport is nicely equipped to handle the tourist flow with restaurants, bars, lounges, and various shops, including a florist and jeweler, and more. Car rental at Palma Airport Mallorca is just as easy as car rental in any bigger airports. Many times, the agencies staff their help desks with multilingual employees who are more than proficient at assisting tourists with not only car hire at Palma de Mallorca Airport, but also with other parts of their itinerary. Many tourists need to get their car, find out how to get to their hotel or villa, and then may want to get information about tours or directions to the beach. It is all possible at this airport tourist hub. If the words car rental Mallorca are beginning to cross your mind now that you have ironed out ther rest of your itinerary, do not worry. You will be able to find everything you need at the airport to be sure.

Also, an important bit of information about car rental Mallorca, is that it is just as easy to have a car delivered to your hotel or resort by one of the island’s many services. Many of the finer hotels have 24-hour concierge service. Take advantage of the knowledgeable staff at these places and allow them to help you arrange for a car that can be dropped off right to you.



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