Caves of Drach

Of all of the beautiful and adventurous places to go in Mallorca Spain, the most famous tourist attraction is the Caves of Drach (Caves of the Dragon). Thousands of visitors a year flock to the Mallorca Caves of Drach to see fantastic rock and limestone formations. Visitors will journey through more than a mile of mysterious caverns in this underground expedition, where rock formations reach down from the ceilings of the cave and grow up from the floors.

The caves consist of 12 main areas and other impressive chambers such as the Black Cave, the White Cave, and the Luis Salvator Cave. Luis Salvator was the Archduke of Austria who encouraged French geologist Edouard-Alfred Martel to explore the caves in 1896. Martel opened the world’s eyes to many other famous tourist caves, but he wasn’t the first to extensively examine the Caves of Drach. In 1878, three people were lost in the cave and wandered there for more than 30 hours. Martel performed scientific exploration and mapped out the entire cave.

A walk through the caves ends at the fantastic Lago de Martel, one of the largest underground lakes in the world. A novelty of this trip is a classical music concert provided by musicians floating across the lake in boats. A backdrop of beautiful lights creates the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a lakeside concert as tourists rest in a specially constructed auditorium.

The Mallorca Caves of Drach are a short walk from the town of Porto Cristo, on the eastern side of Mallorca. Because of Porto Cristo’s close proximity to the Caves of Drach and the Caves of Hams, a lesser known, but still noteworthy stop, traffic in Porto Cristo can be quite congested. Coach excursions from various resorts around Mallorca also provide transportation to the caves. Tours from other popular hotspots such as the Mallorca’s capital city of Palma de Mallorca also stop by the caves. For those with their own car, parking at the Caves of Drach is free.

A few guided tours are available each day at the Mallorca Caves of Drach, so a visit to a tourist office would be well-advised to ensure catching a tour of the caves on time. During the summer months, the caves are some one of the busiest places to go in Mallorca. Tourists who have difficulty walking should be aware that there are several stairs to take to get through the caves.

This fascinating destination is open year-round and is close to other popular places to go in Mallorca such as the town of Manacor, which is the center of Mallorca’s pearl industry. Tourists who add the Mallorca Caves of Drach to their list of places to go in Mallorca will be enthralled as they explore this masterpiece of nature.

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Caves of Drach

Of all of the beautiful and adventurous places to go in Mallorca Spain, th...

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