Caves of Drach Facts

Caves of Drach facts are as interesting as the scenery you’ll find underground. While Spain’s Mallorca is best known for its Mediterranean beaches, the Caves of Drach come in a close second for favorite attractions. Called Cuevas del Drach in Spanish, the caves of the dragon meander underneath the Spanish island’s eastern coast.

The Dragon Caves Mallorca extend nearly 2,400 meters—about 1.5 miles—and reach heights of 25 meters, an impressive 82 feet tall. While the imposing numbers are some of the most fascinating Caves of Drach facts, it’s just the beginning of the story. An impressive lake is hidden in the middle of the network of caves. Lake Martel is 30 meters wide by 177 meters long, 98 feet by 580 feet. It’s big enough for a boat ride. Unlike a typical boat ride, these take place after a live classical concert enjoyed along the shores of the lake. The Cuevas del Drach tours sure are unlike anything you’d find on the surface.

While the entire story of the caves has been lost to history, there are some Caves of Drach facts that we do know. The first recorded mention of the Dragon Caves Mallorca took place in 1138—though the name Drach wasn’t seen in until 1632. The first map was created two centuries later, shortly before Jules Verne featured the caves in his book Clovis Dartetor. A grand entrance was built in 1929 and an engineer illuminated the cave for the first time in 1935. Ever since then, countless people have descended underground to discover the wonders of the Dragon Caves for themselves.

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