Cuevas del Drach Tours

Cuevas del Drach tours are some of the most fascinating things to do on Mallorca away from the beach. This vast network of caves on the island’s eastern shore looks totally different than what’s on the surface, and they’re worth spending time to see. This natural wonder is also called the Caves of Drach—Caves of the Dragon or Cuevas del Drach in Spanish.

It takes most visitors about an hour for Cuevas del Drach tours, once they arrive at the site. The Caves of Drach are located straight to the east of Palma, the island capital. It’s about 65 kilometers, 40 miles, between the two locales via Highway PMV-401-4 towards Porto Cristo, a lovely town with a sheltered natural harbor. You’ll find the entrance to the caves just a few minutes away from Porto Cristo’s main beach.

Tours of the Caves of Drach are available year-round, with four daily tours during the winter season and seven during the season from April 1 to October 30. No tours are available the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. All of the tours depart in groups, but there is no running commentary. You’ll need cash to pay for the entry fee, since credit cards are not accepted. Brochures are available to fill you in on the very cool Caves of Drach facts.

Throughout the caves, the humidity remains constant at 80 percent, with temperatures at 20 degrees Celsius, a comfortable 68 degrees. The floors can be wet, so make sure you leave your flip-flops back at your Mallorca hotels and wear sensible shoes. During the hour-long tours of the Caves of Drach, you’ll spend plenty of time walking and climb about 250 stairs.

The arrival at Lake Martel is always the highlight of any visit. This massive—and unexpected—underground lake is lovely thing to see. It’s also the setting of a classical music concert. Four musicians perform the works of Chopin, Offenbach and others. The quartet plays for a delightful 10 minutes. Then, everyone on the tour has the choice of taking a boat ride across the lake or crossing the bridge on foot. After the Cuevas del Drach tours have ended, you’ll return to the surface, having seen one of Spain’s most amazing sights.



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