Mallorca Restaurants

There are approximately 2,500 Mallorca restaurants on this popular Mediterranean island. Mallorca is the largest of Spain’s islands and is a part of the Balearic Islands archipelago that also consists of Minorca, Ibiza, and Formentera. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Mediterranean where visitors come to enjoy stunning beaches and world-class resorts and luxury hotels. Because of this, there are many fine restaurants in Mallorca that cater to the discerning tastes of international travelers, serving up a range of styles, from Mediterranean to Spanish, French to Pacific Rim, and much more. Most of the popular traditional dishes on the island incorporate almonds, olives, walnuts, and locally grown tomatoes called Ramallets. Two of the most notable dishes are Tumbet, a vegetable dish incorporating a variety of the island's indigenous veggies, and Fideua, Mallorca's version of paella that uses noodles instead of rice. There are also a number of complex dishes unique to the island that involve a distinctive preparation of cod and other fish that are found in abundance in the waters surrounding the island.

The island of Mallorca has been inhabited for thousands of years and has a long history of conquest, war, and occupation. From before the time of the Romans to the present day, Mallorca has been a place of great diversity of people and culture. The influence of this can be seen in Mallorca dining.

Tourists find Mallorca cuisine particularly pleasing because of the fabulous setting in which they get to enjoy it. Many of the finest and most popular restaurants in Mallorca have spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. You can enjoy a sumptuous dish of fresh seafood while peering out at the blue Mediterranean with Puig Major (the highest peak on the island) rising up in the distance. Owners of Mallorca restaurants are well aware that many of their tourist guests want this experience of dining by the sea, so many restaurants will offer amazing views and atmosphere to go along with the tasty food. You can also find a plethora of seaside bars and grills, many of them open air, where you can enjoy a fun island cocktail and some seafood in a casual environment. And even though Mallorca dining is all about atmosphere, there is much more than just seafood available.

The menus of many of the restaurants in Mallorca represent the cultural traditions and cuisine of the top chefs who run them. Much of the tourism industry in the Balearic Islands is from Europe (vacations including hotels and flights options became very popular there in the 1960s), and as a result, a multitude of restaurants, hotels, resorts, and other attractions have sprung up to cater to the specific desires of people from different countries. You will find a number of restaurants that serve fine French cuisine, as fine as any you will find in France, as they bring along with them some of the best chefs who have received major accolades and have their own restaurants in their own countries. German cuisine is also prominently featured in many Mallorca restaurants. You will also find wonderful dishes featuring Pacific Rim delights, American food, traditional Spanish and Catalan dishes, Italian, Greek, and much more.

If you’re traveling to Mallorca you will also most certainly want to try some of the indigenous wines. For centuries, viticulture has been a huge part of the island way of life. In Mallorca, growing grapes, as well as olives and almonds is considered a fine art. Although many dishes you will encounter as you enjoy Mallorca dining definitely incorporate these local flavors, the true nature of the island’s cuisine is a result of its rich and diverse cultural heritage. The result for your is a range of amazing options for Mallorca dining. Whether you are dining at your hotel or resort, or at your own special destination that you seek out elsewhere on the island, you are sure to find cuisine in Mallorca that appeals to you.

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