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Demand for Mallorca flights has grown tremendously with the booming tourism industry on this island in the Mediterranean. It is astonishing to learn that less than 60 years ago, less than half a million tourists took flights to Palma en route to magical Mallorca, while in 2008 well over 20 million passed through Palma de Mallorca Airport. Few people realize that Palma de Mallorca Airport is actually the third biggest in all of Spain. Only metropolitan centers such as Madrid and Barcelona have bigger air hubs. The airport is busy with travelers all year round, and during the summer months, Mallorca flights are a hot ticket to say the least, as Palma de Mallorca becomes one of the most trafficked airports in all of Europe.

If you are heading to this largest of the Balearic Islands from destinations outside of Europe, you will be choosing from Mallorca flights that will inevitably stop in bigger European airports. Palma de Mallorca is a very convenient airport that caters to both international travelers heading to the island for luxury hotels, beaches, and resorts, and also to domestic travelers. The has added terminals in an attempt to keep up with the exponential growth of the tourist industry on the island, and has plans to build out infrastructure in order to facilitate up to 38 million passengers by 2015. You may be surprised at the cheap flights to Palma Mallorca that you can unearth with just a little research and enough advance planning.

Attractions like Magaluf, a resort approximately twenty minutes from Palma de Mallorca, is popular destination for Scandinavian and British tourists, who head to the Mediterranean islands of Spain to enjoy not only the fabulous beaches and warm Mediterranean waters, but also the nightlife, dining, and other activities. Flights to Magaluf can also be purchased for a reasonable cost with enough advance planning. As is the case with flights to Palma, be aware that you will likely have at least two stops on the way. When you arrive, views of the Mediterranean Sea and rejuvenating sea breezes immediately create a relaxed atmosphere. If you can find cheap flights to Palma Mallorca and accommodations that suit you, it will be well worth the experience.

Palma itself is also an attraction. Travelers booking flights to Palma quickly realize all the city has to offer. After all, it is on the island of Mallorca in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The Bay of Palma on the island’s south coast is a gorgeous sight for anyone traveling through. If you have the time and the leisure, try to book your Mallorca flights in such a way that you have a bit of time to explore around the city of Palma. There is a rich cultural and historical heritage and a lot of top-notch dining and nightlife to be had as well. Even though it is an increasingly popular tourist destination, cheap flights to Palma Mallorca are indeed within your reach. Put in some advance planning and you will be able to spend more of your budget on other island pleasantries and just having fun.

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