The Hidropark is one of the biggest tourist draws in all of Alcudia. Alcudia itself is one of the most popular tourist centers in all of Mallorca. People travel to the Balearic Islands every year to enjoy the warm Mediterranean waters, beaches, awesome water activities, and sheer relaxation. You will not at all find a shortage of things to do, so having a water park in Alcudia may at first seem a bit gratuitous, but it can be a fun and cost effective way to spend a day with the family.

The Hidropark in Alcudia, not to be confused with the Hidropark in Kiev, Ukraine, has exciting rides and attractions and lots of outdoor space dedicated to relaxing by the various pools. There are fifteen different water slides at the park, a wave pool, a beach pool, a Kamakasi pool, and plenty of areas including pool space for kids and infants. You can also enjoy a nice restaurant, gift shop, and free internet access at this famous Alcudia water park. The Super Golf complex is also right next to the Hidropark in Alcudia if you want to check that out as well.

Hidropark is open every day from the first of May until October 31st from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is moderately priced especially when you consider that for a fixed rate (about what you would expect to pay at an amusement park in the United States), you are able to give the whole family a day of fun. Even though many of the luxury hotels and resorts have virtually unlimited activities right onsite, this is the kind of place that is big and cool enough to keep the whole family having fun all day long. For around 20 euros for adults, 10 euros for kids, you have all-day access to the Hidropark in Alcudia.

Feel free to lounge around on one of the large beach chairs by one of the pools. The kids will be fascinated by the multi-color, high-reaching funnel slides that spew them out into a giant pool after cascading down through the twists and turns. There is security so you can feel safe taking your bags to the park. From there it is one whirlwind of excitement as you shoot down countless slides and swim around in the beach pool and wave pool. The water park in Alcudia is not like most others. It is massive and caters to the hundreds of thousands of tourists who filter into the island of Mallorca and Alcudia every single year. Put it on your list of potential things to do while in Alcudia with the family or friends.

If you are making plans to visit Mallorca, the town of Alcudia could be a perfect place to stay for you. Besides being known for the Hidropark, amazing beaches, and great nightlife and dining, Alcudia is also home to the largest vacation resort complex in all of Europe, the Hotetur Bellevue. The town is also famous for being a walled city, built on the remains of ancient Roman city. Visitors can enter into the town through one of the impressive gates and check out the sights, restaurants, bars, and even the bull ring where mock fights are staged. You begin to see that the water park in Alcudia is only one part of this vibrant scene.



The Hidropark is one of the biggest tourist draws in all of Alcudia. Alcudia ...

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